Monday, July 12, 2010

Coupon Monday! Hurry Valid through Thursday ONLY!

Hurry in! This is a GREAT Offer! Fall Clothes are about to start rolling in, so I need to move some of this Spring/Summer Apparel! See you soon!
***Must present coupon for discount. Only one coupon per person. A $2.00 wrapping fee will be charge on any discounted merchandise wrapped. 50% Off will be given to the most expensive item, 60% Off Second will be of equal or lesser value, 70% Off Third will be on equal or lesser value then second, all % will be taken off the regular price!***

1 comment:

andi said...

Loved your 4th of July post. Papa is precious! Love the pictures! :) I am glad to not be the only one with the laundry room situation- clothes all over the floor. :) I liked your idea with the beans!

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