Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to......

You know how some people are just real "fertile" around the same time of year.....well, apparently for me it was in the fall.......

I had summer babies, so for all you Pregger's out there, I can sympathise! You would think with all the humidity that my body wouldn't have so many stretch marks but, oh well!

All my babies we due the end of July to mid of August.

First Baby came 5 days late

Second Baby- 2 1/2 weeks early

Third Baby- 3 1/2 weeks early

So there birthday's go like this:

July 7

July 23

August 9

Thankfully, with being all girls we have "shared" many parties. Once again, they have decided to share a "Little House on the Prairie" theme and have come up with all the games, menu, and even did the invites themselves! The Party is schedule for beginning of August so I will post a follow up on that!

Even though we have party dates planned, we don't "not" celebrate on their actual bday, so here are a few pics of our 2 out of 3 celebrations this year!

Emily was born 07/07/00, so she entered the double digets this year! She requested breakfast in bed. She came up with the menu and it went as follows:

Tea Biscuits


I love this stage in my girls life, because even though they are growing "old" they are still my little girls and love helping prepare in the kitchen. And they still get just as excited about the other one's birthday then their own. :)

lizzy helping

breakfast in bed

girls in bed

They then request an "out to eat" place of their choice.... we almost nixed this when one year Emily chose "you know that place we {ONCE} went to that you picked out what you wanted to eat and got as much as you wanted and then got to get your own ice cream and whatever else dessert you wanted, you know the place with all the people". {need I say more}!

This year and last year the older girls were at camp during Elizabeth's birthday, but this year Daddy was also gone. So Elizabeth and I took a special one on one trip to Seaside for her 7th birthday!

beach-birthday 023

beach-birthday 009

beach-birthday 010

We had a plan.....

Get there and put on sunscreen.

While sunscreen dried, go shopping and spend birthday money.

When sunscreen dries- have fun on the beach and in the water.

Break for Lunch.

Re-apply sunscreen and head back on the beach.

Go back shopping.

Watch a Stories by the Sea.

Head north for home!

We have watched the Stories by the Sea before and have enjoyed it very much! If you are heading down to Seaside it is free and is in the center of the town every week day at 4pm.

The actors start by asking about four questions to the audience. Those answers get to play apart of the theme to the story they will tell/act out. Before I tell you about the theme I must first tell you that as we journeyed in one of the quaint little shops Seaside has to offer, Elizabeth was mesmerized by one item the shop owner had displayed EVERYWHERE......PEACOCK FEATHERS!

The lady saw how much she was intrigued so told Elizabeth she could have one.

As she carried it around the town you can imagine the looks and the other children that ooohhh and aaahhh over the feathers (maybe something I should consider for inventory :) )

So as we sat to begin the story and one of the actors asked "if you could have ANY animal for a pet, what would you have".... a little girl piped in " A PEACOCK!"... they then asked "if you could have ANYTHING you wanted for your birthday, what would it be".....again another child shouted "A PEACOCK!"... I am sure those guys where loving us at this point!

Elizabeth then proceeded to tell them that it was her birthday and they were sure to make her feel special! The title of the story....... "Princess Elizabeth the Peacock's Best Birthday EVER!".

beach-birthday 053

beach-birthday 061

The guys were great sports and did a great job entertaining us and making us laugh!

beach-birthday 064

They also, may this little girl's birthday extra special!

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