Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm singing in the.................

RAIN RAIN RAIN! I will not complain though, because we have needed it for sure! Wow! It's been a busy summer! And my blogging has been put on the back burner (not intentionally, just something ALWAYS seems to interrupt my conversation with you!)
The girls have spent the first part of our summer here with me. They love to ring you up at the register, wrap presents and clean up. But I have found them sneaking off to do this every now and then.......
Jillian reading
giddy-summertime 042
Emily computer1
I am still enjoying the days and feel very blessed that they enjoy coming to work with Mommy.
Later this month they will go to Camp. Last year we had our girls raise their money for camp and decided to stick with the tradition this year and have them do the same! Last year it was selling Ribs. $20 for a rack of ribs by Buffalo Rock (which were delish!) and we kept $10 per rack towards camp. This year I wanted the girls to have a more "hands on" type fundraiser, by actually "working" towards there way instead of just walking around selling tickets for ribs.
So, I gathered the 5th and 6th grade girls and boys (who wanted to participate) and we started our first "Cooking for Camp".
We sold Meals to families of 2-4 or 4-6 and used our kitchen at the church and had a blast!
It was a huge task preparing all those meal, but so worth it. The kids were AWESOME! I have never worked with such a helpful group of kids! They literally did everything and it turned out great!
This took a great deal of our summer time planning, but then it was off to swim lessons and a late start on some Spring Cleaning... at the shop that is.....
If you have been inside Bellamia you have noticed that we have VERY tall ceilings. Well, our stock room has shelves that go ALL the way up! I was doing a little cleaning up there and noticed a box that was tucked in the corner that I had know idea was there. Inside of it were these.......
I could not believe it! This was from our move TWO YEARS AGO! This company went out of business so I have not been able to order new car seat covers. Sorry to mislead all of you that wanted a Pink dot and Green dot and thought I was out of them! If you see this post and want one, head on by or call us to purchase your car seat cover, they're wonderful!!
I assure you I have officially have gone through EVERYTHING in the Stock Room, so no more surprises from there!
We'll take some other surprises though, like the ones we received this week........
pirate tee1
fall tees
Our first couple of Fall shipments have arrived! Hurry in, I know it's like a 1,000,000,000 degrees outside, but these little boogers sell quickly, and we have almost sold all these Pirate tees!
Be back with a post about the 4th! Until then, be thinking about these little guys for your girly girl's hair in her Independence Day attire!!
Happy Summer!!
girls car1

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Amanda said...

are all the pirate tees gone? what tees do you have for fall?

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