Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's Party......

Tea Party View
lizzy sipping
sipping tea
AB icecream
Yum Icecream
Tea Party Style that is!
Tea Party Manners Classes-
When: Every Tuesday
Time: 1:00pm for ages 4-6 and 4:00pm for ages 6-8
Where: Bellamia
Children will learn table manners, communication skills and enjoy yummy snacks as they participate in their Tea Party! Hosted by: Bellamia and Taught by: Bonnie Chancey- Licensed Etiquette' Teacher and Owner of Personal Graces!
Please Email or Call (334)673-8440 for availability and to reserve your spot today (space is limited and fill very quickly!)!!
**Reservations must be made with your $60 Fee. Classes are one hour long and held every Tuesday of the month. There will be a September Class and a November Class. Classes will resume in the Spring. The $60 Fee is for one month of lessons. The same lessons will be taught each month unless specified. Please contact us if you are interested in continuing etiquette' classes or classes for older children.**
*All Pictures posted with permission and belong to Bellamia, LLC*


JMW said...

What a fabulous idea! I wish we had something similar for the younger set. Cotillion starts a little bit later, but I would love something for my daughter at her age (5). And those dresses, how adorable!

Bellamia said...

It IS soooo much fun and the children learn so much about manners and how to apply them!! Sorry there is nothing like that where you are! It has to start some where though, so put a bug in someones ear!!

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