Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Recap......

It was a sweet homecoming this weekend! Tim has been gone for the whole month of July and to say he was missed is an understatement! Kudos to all you military men and women and their spouses. I know this is nothing in comparison to the length you are away from your loved ones when deployed. But one thing I know you can agree with is when Tim has to travel, God fully shows me that He allows a temporary time for him to leave to provide for his family, but does not intend on the family unit to stay separated permanently, that I know for sure!

It reminded me of all the times Pa had to leave his family back at the farm to go and provide for his crew….. Which leads to our weekend recap!

Tim arrived back home Saturday evening and the girls wanted nothing less than their party to be on the 1st of August! They couldn’t wait! They had participated in a "Little House on the Prairie" Birthday Party at a Friends house earlier in the summer. Their love for the same interest sparked an idea to have one of their own. So the preparations began…….

Flowers for the tables......


Burlap for decorating...

burlap for decorating

The jars were used to hold peach iced tea (the girl’s favorite!) in the cooler outside…..

Jars for tea

Lunch Bags for the children......

Lunch Bags

Sugaring the berries for yummy cobbler for dessert!

sugard berries

Frying loads and loads on chicken legs....

Fried Chicken

And OF COURSE....Band aids for the injuries! With 16 children something is bound to happen!

bandaids for injuries

Lizzy couldn’t wait to dress in her attire for the party. She jumped on her horse Bunny (FYI that was Laura Ingalls horses name) and waited for her guest 30 minutes before they were scheduled to arrive (how she could stand the heat, I don’t know!!).

Lizzy waiting for guests

It gave me time to shoot some pics of the girls……..

Jillian and Elizabeth

Emily and Jillian

Meet Laura, Mary and Carrie Ingalls.....

serious girls

This “serious” faced one is because Tim told them, that they didn’t smile “back then” in the pictures! Which is true, because when I google imaged the REAL Charles and Caroline Ingalls, THIS is what I found!:)

We had lots of family to participate and we are thankful for that! The girls planned the menu, outfits (from their dress-up closet), games and decorations! The only thing I had to say no too, was the making of our own butter and shucking the corn!

After their three legged races, "horse" races, horse shoes and jump roping they started hovering around the kitchen for some good ol' fashion grub, so they grabbed their lunch bags and headed for picnic on the grounds....aka: our backyard....

Picnic outside

but as soon as they landed in there spot we had to move it indoors for the much needed rain shower we had!

picnic indoors1

Earlier in the day Elizabeth spotted water balloons at the store… although it had nothing to do with the theme of the party, dad thought it would be a great idea with all this heat! With 200 balloons you would’ve thought I would’ve had time to grab my camera and head out to take pictures before it ended, but not so, just the last balloon thrown! I guess that is to be expected with 20+ people throwing them! It was a nice cool down, for all the kids and I am sure some of the adults enjoyed it as well!

water balloon fight

And last but not least do you know what this is………..

quiet house

Birthday Party 116

The sound of a nice quiet house after an eventful day!

It was a wonderful time of celebration! Happy Birthday to our 3 beautiful girls! Daddy and I love you very much and love, love, love that you all have such creativity, and that you use it , and not let those imaginations stay in the walls of your mind!

Birthday Party 042

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