Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You're so vain......

You probably think this song {blog} is about you......{come on you know you are dying to finish the rest of this song..some of you probably have!}.....

I feel a little vain asking you all, BUT...need your help!!

This is me...............




I had short hair for over 10 years and had fun with it! Hair was just hair to me; in fact for awhile there I had changed it to just about every color and short hair style there was {Tim didn't always care for that!}... About 18mos ago I decided to grow my hair out. This has been a gruesome task! My hair grows SO SUPER SLOW! I have religiously taken Vitamins like Biotin to help speed the process. Had a few trims but total length not over 1 inch. So, during this long drawn out process of not ever seeming like I will reach my goal, I am looking for some kind of change.

What do you think????

Bangs...I mean... SHORT BANGS like this........


short bang2


OR NOT????


kkd said...

Katie, You always look cute! Get you some short bangs! :)

Laura Chancey said...

speaking from experience, bangs are more maintenance in the morning. i'm in the middle of growing mine out now, and it's a pain. so it might be more of a commitment than you think?

that being said, i think the last picture would look SO FREAKING CUTE on you!! you already have a kind of bang look going on now- so just do it! i think any of those do's would be perfect on your head!

Seige said...

i think you look really cute the way you are! no need for the short bangs!
if you don't like them it will take forever to grow them out!~

Bellamia said...

Tim's email this morning to me went something like this...... "does the lip piercing come with the new do???"


What to do, what to do???

Life in UK said...

I say go for it!! It is just hair. Hair is a accessory anyways. another option is, you can always get hair extensions. They are so common now so that you can have your cake and eat it too! You are so cute! You look good no matter what. But I get the change part. I am always changing my hair. I feel you :)
Love you, Laura

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