Friday, August 20, 2010


Have you ever really, I mean REALLY thought about how absolutely PERFECT life was for Adam and Eve in the garden before Sin? How they communed with God in Paradise in perfect peace and had EVERYTHING they wanted. There they where tending to their everyday, including animals mind you, when a snake comes and talks to Eve....REALLY NOW!! How could she NOT think something strange about this??? Did the Elephant talk to her the day before?!?!?!

I can only imagine the feeling Adam and Eve felt when they realized they were naked. The only two humans on the face of the earth and PERFECT bodies I might add, but ashamed and embarrassed to be seen.

Deception, what does it look like?? Obvious to Eve, it looked pretty good, not just good, but GREAT. How can this be? Well, to deceive someone you do have to seem to look good, seem to act good and seem to be good, for you to trust them. This has become more and more real to me in my walk with Christ. The more I study the word of God the more He reveals what is truth and what is not. I am just like Eve though, and fall into the disbelief far to often. For example, many things I think will fulfill a void in my life and make me more happy than Christ Jesus alone is me falling in deception. For this reason, I mourn what I am about to share....
In six years of business I have had theft (some), but not as much as in the past 8mos. Some I have caught, others I have not. I can forgive and live with the fact that things that have been stolen would have sold to provide for my family, but what burdens my heart is the lack of fulfillment these women have that would drive them to steal something. I can say this, because at age 21, the Lord opened my eyes and heart to see that He was my ultimate fulfiller and no material thing (which was my struggle) would fulfill my longings. There would always be a void, a longing for something more until I filled it with Jesus!

Unfortunately, because of the extreme theft, cameras are being installed for the purpose of protecting our staff and business. Our intentions are not to "intrude" on your privacy or for you to feel like you are under investigation, but for the sake of keeping our business safe and holding ones accountable for their sin and lack in judgment.

We so greatly appreciate the support of all of you and thank you for your faithfulness to us!


booharts said...
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booharts said...

I am sorry that you have to have cameras to protect you and your staff. I am also so glad you feel so free to speak about Christ Jesus. You are truly blessed. In His Service, Boo

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