Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coupon Monday.... VALID THROUGH 10/4/10

First, a little explanation!

Most of you have it down, BUT, a lot of you are still confused. So, if you are the ones who follow my blog and want to use the Coupon Monday, but think you can't because you came in on Wednesday, you are the ones I am talking about! Here's a little explanation!

1. A coupon goes out every Monday (I have been trying to post them on Sunday p.m. for your convenience though)

2. They are valid for one week!

3. You don't have to shop JUST on Monday to take advantage of this offer!

4. ALTHOUGH, (if) you do come in to shop on Monday, the "Coupon Monday" for the week before AND the Newly Posted "Coupon Monday" are BOTH valid and can be used that day.

Hope this helps!

With that in mind..........

** a $2.00 charge will be applied on all items gift wrapped that coupon has been used on or any other discount**

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