Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If I had a dollar.......

bird bracelet1

for every time someone commented on this bracelet.........................................

bird bracelet2

I just might have become a millionaire awhile back!

I came across this bracelet a couple of years ago on ETSY. I loved it! On the right hand column of the screen it had an "email to a friend" option. So I just did that. I emailed it to a friend! My best friend...aka my hubby, with a sweet little note that said "this would be really nice in my Christmas stocking!" {Hey, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right ?!?!}

Well, I had misplaced ALL info on the artist and SOOOOOO many people would ask about this bracelet EVERY TIME I would wear it! I searched and searched and FINALLY 2 years later........ FOUND HER! So of course viewing her site again I found something I liked and emailed my friend and said "this would be a nice little anniversary present!"

The funny thing is, she didn't follow instructions and sent it to our home address instead of his work address. Tim headed out of town a few weeks ago for 3 weeks and the day after he left, this arrived......

bee bracelet

I won't repeat what he said, because we are a children's blog; but let's just say he was a little annoyed! I can't say I was! I told him it was a nice ("thinking of you") happy from him. Which of course meant in his mind... "now what am I going to get her??".

He did a great job on his own! He wanted to find something earthy looking for the fall.....

earring 006

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished for you too.... Molly is not interested in selling wholesale to me because she is way to busy with her etsy shop. Check her out here!

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