Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend recap......

So, I have been looking at this face on my brother's facebook page and couldn't stand it any longer....

fall and labor day 118

Tim's been a travelin' once again, so when he came back I asked him if he could get back in the car and take us to Mobile!

I am so glad he agreed because I couldn't wait to squeeze this little girl....

fall and labor day 117

She is growing so much and I want her to know her Aunt Katie! I have ruled she is not allowed to go more then a month before seeing me :) (we'll see how that goes! So far so good!)

There was some others that couldn't wait to see her as well......

fall and labor day 099

We had fun watching the Braves, Auburn Football, Swimming and Grilling out! I hate I didn't bring my camera as we headed to a local Flea Market after Church on Sunday. I love flea markets!!

It might be a good thing I left my camera, because if I could show you what I saw there you might respond with the same response Elizabeth did when a lady showed her her eyeball-less dog. Although you might have wanted to see the Monkey the owner was parading around in a stroller that bit Elizabeth's finger (no blood, thank the Lord!)! It's hard to keep Elizabeth from petting ANY animal (obviously....a Monkey...REALLY!), I may have told you before that I see plastic surgery in her future, she just doesn't understand the danger side!

I did find a couple of neat things; one of which my sister-in-law snatched up for $2.50 that probably was the cutest apron you have ever seen!

My favorite find were these......


I love flea market plants! Especially when they have a price tag of $1.00-$6.00! I bought these with the shop in mind, but some how they ended up on my front porch!

Between Swimming, Playing the Wii (like 12 hours!), and toting Miss Camille around all weekend my girls woke up pretty sore this morning. As Jillian was getting ready in the bathroom this a.m. she told me she was so sore she could hardly move. I told her softball practice will help her tonight..she is dreading it and told me she didn't think so. She also told me she was pretty disappointed that her Wii fit age was 40..... FORTY MOM!! She's so dramatic!

This came in right before the wonderful weekend we had......

stripe set

stripe set 1



Precious! Call or email if you would like me to ship!

Once again another weekend past....CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE IN SEPTEMBER! My mom always told me time flies faster the older you get!

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Shelby said...

Adorable! How much is the striped overall?

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