Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting there.....Room Reveal Part 1 and New Store Arrivals!

I'm getting there! The positive side of re-doing my girl's rooms is that it has been a BLAST! The negative side is that now I want to re-do my entire house! I have completed Jillian's room (except for a mirror over her dresser I am in hunt for!), but of course there will be a lot of add-ins in the future as she grows and we   collect :)

Here is her "Pink-little girl" room before....



And after.......

Jillian's room 028

Jillian's room 019

Jillian's room 014

I found this chest at a place where a guy had all of this "junk" to be auctioned off on a Saturday but held a sale the day before. I asked him how much he wanted for it. He said $150 (not going to happen). Then when I brought Tim back to look at a few more things there he told me he would take $90 for it.When I went to leave, a lady came up to me and said he would take $70 for it.

I declined and as I was leaving he stated I could come the next day and bid for it in the auction. I was heading out of town so wouldn't make it, I responded.

He told me I could silent bid it and he would be my bidder the next day.

I told him I wouldn't bid more then $45 for it.......

Jillian's room 003

She's mine and after some wood putty, sanding and some paint turned out to be a beauty and perfect for her room......

Jillian's room 005

Jillian is also, our little artist. There isn't a day (literally) that goes by where she hasn't drawn something.

I told her she could have "free" reign on this wall (except for the place for that  mirror I am looking for over her dresser) for her art......
Jillian's room 031

Jillian's room 032

as you can see, she is starting to fill it up......

Jillian's room 010

we found these lights at Hobby Lobby, and because she is a fun kid, decided it really needed to make a home above her newly painted yellow desk.......

stuff 002

Here is the run down..........

Fabric came from - Highly recommend them. There is SO much fabric in this room that I didn't want to spend a ton of money on it. Even though this room can grow into her teens, we do like change so I didn't want the expense to be there. Free shipping...all fabric $6.98 per yard.

The roman shade was a first for me. In my original design, I had two in mind, but through the process decided to add full curtains behind the bed, which I think was a wise choice. :) Had I not decided to do that before making the first shade, I would have after making #1. Whoever said Roman shades were easy were know where!

The Bedskirt was also a first for me. I would do some things differently had I do it over again. It turned out okay, and I used the old bedskirt as a pattern. 

I wanted the bed to be a focal point. We decided to move the queen back into this room because of the connecting bath, for guest purposes. We kept our original white bedding and added pillows. The Yellow pillows were a test to see if I liked and needed to make more. They came from this sofa......


The bed's original design was to be a complete built-ins wall to wall . This would require too much time/work, that we didn't have right now! So we opted for the "look". Tim made these tables......

girls room and new product 021

 Tim also built this.....

KB's shower and girls room 105

KB's shower and girls room 097

and went to hang it, fell through Elizabeth's room ceiling.....

KB's shower and girls room 088

KB's shower and girls room 084

Somethings you don't want to remember.....although, I am laughing about that now! 

The cornice's original design was to be covered in fabric. I opted for a painted look with trim instead. I am very happy with it!

Then after a trip to Home Goods, found these lamps....

stuff 001

Wasn't a 100% sold on them, but Jillian was with me and really liked them so they made their home beside her bed.

Again, my original design kept the old lamps with new shades, but were handed down for Sister's room when we found these fun yellow ones.

The touch of yellow inspiration came from us (Jillian and me) taking a trip down the spray paint aisle wondering what color to change her desk to.

The Rug came from Tuesday morning. I love the white but was hesitant, well, because it's white. But Jillian is my cleanest child out of the three and we do take our shoes off in our home, so we'll see what it will be!

I am loving this room, and I can't decided which one of the girl's rooms I like better :)

Still looking for a few things for Miss Emily's room before the reveal. Will post soon!

Here is a few things that popped up in bellamia this week :)

I am especially excited to share the news on the New and Improved Caramelo t-shirts....

They are cut larger and softer that ever!!!

stuff 004

stuff 005

stuff 006


beehave 001

beehave 005

beehave 006

beehave 008

beehave 004

beehave 003

beehave 007

See you soon!


JMW said...

I LOVE the transformation of your daughter's room! It was cute before, but this look evolves with your daughter as she grows. Congrats on your efforts! And, I adore the striped seersucker dress you have in your store.

Kelly said...

Beautiful room!

I especially love the reflection of her interests and input in design, she is cure to love it for a long time!

Wanting What I Have said...

Katie!!! SOOOO cute!!! You did such a great job! Very creative and just gorgeous!

kristen said...

Love Love Love!!!

Darby said...

LOVE it all... the room and the new shop items! Hate Tim fell through the ceiling, Justin did that in our garage... HUGE mess!!!! Anyway the room is precious... love the blues & yellows!!

Tim said...

You are so talented, my love! Thanks for your effort to put something so special together for the girls. I love the fact that they are involved in the design and construction. It makes it a family project that we can enjoy together and take ownership of.

Love you so much and missyou and the girls tons!!!!!!


Seige said...

Looks awesome! You are so handy!

Our Big Adventure!! said...

You SO need to come to my home and help me with my baby room!! You are awesome! You should be a interior designer!

meemers said...

Loving that room, wishing there was a homegoods in the UK. I am seriously coveting those lamps!

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