Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Recap...

Where to even begin????

We started by this..........

Pictures4 010

Tim is back! We are very thankful and happy to have him home. He was gone three weeks this March and it was not fun. And at the beginning of March we said our last goodbye to these long trips. No more of these family separations. It is a God thing. A good thing. One that makes all of our hearts smile :)

Then we unpacked his car and packed up mine and headed south......

Can you believe it has been a years since this????????

Well, it has. And we celebrated it in one fabulous way.......

Pictures4 015

Pictures4 052

Pictures4 054

Pictures4 055

Pictures4 058

Pictures4 063

Pictures4 076

party and storm 040

party and storm 022

party and storm 025

party and storm 083

party and storm 080

party and storm 089

party and storm 097

party and storm 105

party and storm 102

party and storm 012

And since this very special occasion falls on the same weekend as that FABULOUS flower show, we had to go back......

Pictures4 084

Pictures4 090

Pictures4 093

Pictures4 094

Pictures4 095

Pictures4 098

Pictures4 099

Pictures4 101

Pictures4 100

Pictures4 113

Pictures4 118

Pictures4 122

Pictures4 125

Pictures4 130

It was simply just beautiful.

Full of creativity

I loved it.

Picked up a few goodies there. Will share about those later....

When I returned Monday, these greeted me.....

kissy and vive 001

kissy and vive 002

kissy and vive 003

kissy and vive 004

kissy and vive 005

kissy and vive 006

kissy and vive 007

kissy and vive 008

And a WHOLE.LOT.MORE , that I simply just have not had time to take pictures of. You will just have to stop by to see :)

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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