Tuesday, March 1, 2011

little babies.......

Laura's shower...weekend 092

Laura's shower...weekend 090

Laura's shower...weekend 005

This past weekend we piled in our car, fully loaded (literally!), with precious goodies to shower my brother and sister-in-law for Master Rhodes....arriving in April :), and headed north.

As you can see from the above photos, their friends know how to throw a party! Caleb and Laura have some of the most amazing friends and after the Wedding showers,  Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding and now a baby shower, I am seeking to find another reason for them to celebrate so I can attend another one of their parties :)

Laura's shower...weekend 007

Laura's shower...weekend 011

Laura's shower...weekend 017


Laura's shower...weekend 098

Even down to the precious details of nature in wrapping packages.....

Laura's shower...weekend 033

They add a piece of happiness in all the details......

Laura's shower...weekend 046

Laura's shower...weekend 049

Laura's shower...weekend 059

Laura's shower...weekend 076

It was a fun time had by all....

It was also fun to venture on this trip with my other sister-in-laws ( -1...you were missed Jennie!), mom and a few little girls....

Laura's shower...weekend 086

Laura's shower...weekend 085

Laura's shower...weekend 087

Laura's shower...weekend 088

Laura's shower...weekend 099

a couple of us, only thought it appropriate to give Rhodes his very own bla bla bird mobile based on the fact his mother had a little bird thing starting in the nursery :)

When ordering his mobile, decided it was about time this one join old faithful.......

playing 006

playing 005

Doesn't this just make you smile! Don't forget to enter our bla bla Give-Away below!! Tomorrow is the last day to enter!!! click here for details!

And on a side note..... we didn't have time to go to the zillions of places I would have liked in the larger metropolis, but did visit here for the first time. HELLO! Why have I not been here before! You wouldn't believe what we managed to squeeze back in the car. What we DIDN'T and DIDN'T even try because of the "are you out of your mind" look I receive from my SIL's was a 8X10 rug, I wanted for my kitchen. That will be for the "dump the kiddos and rent a u-haul" trip we plan to make VERY soon! I did get some cute lamps for Jillian's room, which, I know, I know, no pictures yet. Well, a little thing called life happened and I also can't find the rugs I have pictured in my mind.....soon, I'll try to get some pics up!

As I type this post, I was delivered three boxes of happiness :) Here is sneak peek into one of the boxes....

little pea

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