Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Winner of the Give-Away and Total Randomness......

This post is just full of total randomness, you may like or dislike. Just take it as a momma of three flying solo the last 3weeks throwing up words on a screen! How's that for the imagination!

But before all of that, let's get to the winner of the Gaucho Farms Give-Away....

the winner is..........

drawing 001

drawing 002

Congrats!!! Please come pick up your prize by Next Friday!!! Thank you to all that participated! Keep following, more Give-Aways in the near future!

And now on to other news.....Here we go!

Friday night, I had a BLAST! I joined a few friends in heading out to the Anita Renfroe/Mandisa Girl's Night Out tour that came to the Northview Christian Church for one's birthday.

I didn't bring my zoom lens and just couldn't figure out the lighting so the pictures are pretty yucky.....

landmark park and new product 011

landmark park and new product 010

I first met my birthday friend at CBS {Community Bible Study} when I and another friend did Anita Renfroe's Skit Mom Sense.  I am so glad she included me, because it was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

landmark park and new product 018

landmark park and new product 020

One of the wonderful highlights of the concert was when Mandisa shared her testimony and then challenged the audience to stand if they were in a place of hurting. As women started to stand, I felt the Spirit leaping inside of me as tears started to fill my eyes. The Spirit was pressing me to stand and embrace the women in front of me, women I didn't even know. At that time, Mandisa then asked the rest of us to stand and lay hands on these women and if felt lead, to pray for these women. It was the most incredible experience and I am so thankful to God for it and for giving Mandisa His Spirit. She is a fabulous women and truly showed her heart for the Lord that evening.

I left feeling a spiritual refreshment. You know, the kind where you too are in a place just going through the motions of life. Truly wanting to embrace God, but feel like you are sinking in the "stuff" of the everyday. It was refreshing :)

On to Saturday.....

We headed out to Landmark Park for the Annual Spring Farm Day event! It was wonderful!

landmark park and new product 036

As you can see, I don't think my camera has seen this much light before so I had to play with the settings quite a bit!

landmark park and new product 047

and this picture is soon after we got there....Elizabeth was pouting because she actually had to WAIT IN LINE for something.... the frown was probably further induced from the threat I had just given her on changing her attitude or we are going home..... Which reminds me why I chose to capture such moments????

landmark park and new product 057

landmark park and new product 058

and thanks to this crazy sweet women, the girls now think it is okay to wash their clothes in the big galvanized drink tub and one of daddy's scrap board pieces in our back yard....

landmark park and new product 061

landmark park and new product 063

landmark park and new product 067

I also think from the above pictures I captured the personalities of my children ;)

landmark park and new product 070

I said.."look girls, there is an out house", they said.."does it work?".... and a man said "yep, someone is using it"...  I thought he was joking from the way he said it..... I said "I sure hope not!"..... then the door open and out came his wife.... yeah, why do I even talk......

landmark park and new product 078

landmark park and new product 080

landmark park and new product 086

We were hot hot hot, but kept ourselves cool with cold water and frequent trips to the General Store!

I've said it before and I'll say it again......Get a membership to Landmark Park! You will NOT regret it!

On Saturday Night the girls participated in a Fundraising Girl's Night Out of their own at their School....

I ventured to the Grocery Store BY.MY.SELF....

Yes, I have ventured to such places without the kiddos before, but a mother NEVER takes it for granted when the opportunity is upon us! Do I hear an AMEN????

I found myself down the pickle aisle...

Have you ever just stopped and stared at such an aisle?? I confess, I just grab my pickles or olives and go on my merry way. {I told you....acts of randomness right now!}
This time, because I wasn't saying "don't touch", "no we can't get that", "I don't know why some one would buy a can of pig's feet.", I was able to stop and stare and create.....

This is what I grabbed....

landmark park and new product 123

and then added a few more things to that.......

landmark park and new product 124

I knew I had a pork tenderloin in the freezer so I decided to create......

landmark park and new product 125

Pork Marinaded in good ol' Dales Sauce.....

landmark park and new product 127

and it was Yummy.....{okra on the side...BTW..some of you might have thought me preggo on that one!}

We have gotten in a WHOLE lot of "happies" around the shop this week! Stop in to see us!

landmark park and new product 131

landmark park and new product 132

landmark park and new product 133

landmark park and new product 135

landmark park and new product 136

landmark park and new product 137

new spring 018

new spring 019

new spring 020

For those of you who hung on 'til the end.....Thanks for letting me ramble!


kristen said...

I heard Girls Night Out was incredible! I hate I missed it. I was at CBS when you did the mom skit (I think that was my first year) HILARIOUS!! :)

Tim said...

His wife came out of the Out House???!!??? You make me laugh! I loved the facial expressions on the kids. Love you!! See you tomorrow!

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