Friday, April 22, 2011

A few of my favorite things and a Give-Away!

This title goes hand and hand and you will see why at the end.

We bought an old house 8 years ago. I love the character of an older home. The history behind building it, the family that it was to house when designing it. I love it all. Even the challenges it brings when trying to update some of it's horrible unique details....{Like a Pepto Bismol Pink and Turquoise Master Bathroom with Flower power wallpaper.}....

There should have been one thing that was a huge positive for the year our home was built which was; a REALLY mature yard. You know, the ones with the massive hydrangea, gardenia, rose and camellia bushes.  Not so.

Unfortunately when we moved into our 1930's home with no central air, the yard was the least of our emergency updating. It did however have so many "mature"  azaleas up against the home you could hardly see out the front windows; and the roaches from them.....oh, the roaches!

It wasn't long before I had Tim hooking a chain up to them attached to our 4wheel drive vehicle and ripping up what would appear to be the Holy Shrub of the Garden District.

Let's just say, the looks we got that day were one's that you would think were for people that should belong in the Loony Bin.

Our home, like any home New or Old is a work in progress, but thankfully several years ago we gave the front yard to Rhoda Boone at Buds 'n Blossoms and she worked her Magic!

dothan nurseries 012

dothan nurseries 004

Her Son, JD Boone and wife Mindy, Own Dothan Nurseries.

dothan nurseries 018

dothan nurseries 026

dothan nurseries 019

dothan nurseries 020

dothan nurseries 024

dothan nurseries 027

dothan nurseries 028

dothan nurseries 030

dothan nurseries 037

dothan nurseries 038

dothan nurseries 040

dothan nurseries 022

dothan nurseries 023

I could spend HOURS there! My children absolutely adore this place. Their fantastic staff will help you {as they have me} fill my window boxes and beds with beautiful color throughout the year.

Dothan Nurseries Tops at one of my favorite things!

This week's Give-Away is for a $20.00 Gift Certificate to Dothan Nurseries!

If you've participated before you know the drill, but for new comers here are the rules.

1."Like" them on Facebook
2.Write something on your wall on Facebook about them
3.Write something on their wall on Facebook about them
4. Go to their Website and sign up on their email list.

Come back to this blog post and comment on what you did. Each suggestion will enter you in for the drawing!! So do all FOUR for more chance to win!!! Drawing to be held Friday, April 29th!!


Darby said...

Yay!!! Love Dothan Nurseries! I liked 'em on FB and signed up for newsletter!

Wanting What I Have said...

Just signed up for their NL. :)

Leah said...

I love DN! Liked them on fb, posted on my fb and signed up for the newsletter!

Anonymous said...

I did all four! :-) -Amanda West

kkd said...

Liked them on FB. Already receiving their newsletter and made it by the market today! :)

kristen said...

We love all the Boones! We used to go to church with Bobby and Rhoda...such sweet people. Signed up for their newsletter and liked them on FB. :)

Kim King said...

I love seeing all the beautiful things when I pass! I did all four tasks!

Brianna said...

I liked them on fb and joined the mailing list.

Seige said...

I have done all 4 things! Love DN!! Hope to win!

Amy said...

You have a beutiful yard! I "liked" Dothan Nursery on fb.

Lydia said...

The Boone's are the nicest people!

I just "Liked" them on Facebook!

Lydia said...

I also just signed up for the newsletter and posted something on my FB wall about them!

Hoping to win! *fingers crossed!*

ashley said...

Love! Love dothan nurseries!! When my mom travels 2 hours to come visit me she heads there first, these days!! :) I liked on fb and signed up for newsletter. Thanks. Katie for sharing such wonderful stories!!

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