Saturday, April 30, 2011


Please excuse the typo's in my posts. I am a busy mom and so I tend to trust the computer to correct most of my errors, but that doesn't always happen.

Today especially, my brain is begging to shut down, but my will is pretty strong. In the next few hours we will see who wins.

I titled this blog Give-Away not only because I do have a winner for the Dothan Nurseries Give-Away, but because this week has been truly Giving in many ways.

Building up to the end of the Big House Swim Suit Drive by Giving swim suits and towels to Foster Children of Alabama, we were met with many Giving opportunities from the complete devastation of Wednesday's Tornado destruction to our state.

After Wednesday's events I couldn't bear to even sit down at my computer. My time was spread between many events planned by me already in my life, how could I even throw in planning something else on such short notice. But I really wanted too. I was overwhelmed.
I had so many emotions of grief, then joy, then pain, then urgency all around me. I went from running around trying to gather info on sending supplies to the north, to a Dr. Appt., to a recorder concert, to a softball game, all the while feeling like all I truly wanted to do was stop time, gather my family in our home and just pray and weep over the devastation. But time went on.

I thought all day, how can we just keep doing this. Shouldn't we just cancel the softball games, the concert, the Doctor's Appt, etc. How can I just keep going on with my "normal" life while others have nothing. Their "normal" lives are gone.

On Friday, I wiped off my dirty cabinet in my kitchen, my flesh gave a grumble and then my soul thanked God I had a cabinet. I got in my car and my flesh cried out in frustration over the mess in there, then my soul thanked God I had a car. My flesh yelled at my children in busyness and then my soul thanked God I still had children. My flesh struggled sending off my husband to help victims up north and then my soul thanked God he could be the hands and feet of Christ.

Truly in a last minute request on Facebook, many of you were used as an encouragement to me by being the Hands and Feet of Christ. Monetary donations poured in for Tornado Victims so that Tim could take to them this weekend. Not only that but you all continued to bring in swim suits and towels for the drive during all the other things going on. It made me appreciate and love our community even more.

The Blog Give-Aways were created on here to share more about the local businesses we have and get you excited about supporting them and their events. It has been a really fun project that I hope will last a long time and really hope you have enjoyed reading about them here.

I truly love our community, I hope we continue to grow. Not just with being blessed in wealth of the monetary riches, for those are only temporary, but in the wealth in the riches of everlasting love from growing in the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ together, because that is eternal.

I do absolutely love the Boone family at Dothan Nurseries and know they are excited to present the $20 gift card to...........

Congrats Ashley M. I will send an email to you soon with when to pick up your prize!

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