Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shall we have another Give-Away????

give away and new items and fun 004

I think we shall!!

You would be amazed at how many people come shop with us and tell me that they go visit my neighbors The Butcher's Block regularly and have never noticed my shop or taken the time to come in.

 When opening a retail store I think your first major in college before Marketing/Business should be Psychology :) It truly is amazing what you have to do to catch people's attention. Things like, what are they thinking when they look at that, or touch that. Or even down to how when I have my doors propped open, I draw someone just simply because they didn't have to open the door.

Well, on the other end, I have too have had people grace the presences of Bellamia without stepping foot in here......

butcher's block 001

butcher's block 002

The Butcher's Block is a local butcher offering fresh cuts of meats and seafood, as well as a large section of wine/beer, deli meats, cheeses and so much more!

give away and new items and fun 007

give away and new items and fun 014

give away and new items and fun 012

give away and new items and fun 011

give away and new items and fun 005

give away and new items and fun 006

give away and new items and fun 010

We on the other hand, grace their presences everyday for something. Whether a sandwich from their fabulous lunch menu, to a freshly baked cookie, a cold can of diet coke, or our newest en devour........


I think a pregnant woman must have been in the kitchen on this one, but that's ok, because if it was; she did a good job!

Ok, so here are the rules on how to enter:

1. go to Facebook and "Like" Butcher's Block (click the link to the left to take you straight to their page.
2. Post something on their wall.
3. Post something/link on your wall.
4. Go to their website www.freshcutmeat.com and send them an email, with your email address and that will add you to their email list.

You can do one or all four for more chances to win. After doing so, you must come back to my blog and post  a comment on this blog post stating what you have done.....

EXAMPLE of Two Entries:

I "Like" Butcher's Block on Facebook and I Joined their email list.

my email is bellamia@centurytel.net - Katie Pilcher (name optional)

All entries must be submitted by midnight next Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

Drawing to be held on Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Your prize, you may ask?????? A Lunch Meal Deal for TWO!!!!!

Let the games begin!!


Anonymous said...

I "liked" The Butcher's Block page on FB.

my email is bewhisnant@gmail.com and my name is Brooke Whisnant.

Seige said...

3 times
Posted on their wall
Posted on my wall


Anonymous said...

I liked their facebook page and sent an email to add me to their list.
Brianna Andrews

faithdownunder said...

Katie...I think its great how you help other businesses in your area. I think its wonderful how you are fulfilling the great commandment of loving and helping your neighbor.

That butchers block looks NICE.

Good on you!

kristen said...

I liked them on FB and joined their email list. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I "liked" them on FB.

Krystal Davis

Anonymous said...

i did all 4. liked on FB, posted on their wall, posted on my wall, and joined their mailing list. so glad for what you do for other local businesses! xoxo Rebecca Sharp

Anonymous said...

I liked their facebook page.
I commented on their wall.
I linked them on my wall.
I was added to their email address.

My email is mandi11189@aol.com
-Amanda West

The Hensons said...

I liked their facebook page.
I commented on their wall.
I was added to their email.

My email is amymhenson@Hotmail.com


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