Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 2....

was much better then Day 1.....

I managed to not use any profanity today. ;)

I'm treating this like exercise.

I'll love it. I know I will.

It's hard to start.

It takes a lot to maintain.

It takes perseverance.

Sometimes tears.

but the rewards are worth it.

Be back soon!


6HartsforHim said...

Oh girlfriend! I can totally relate! After that adorable moment with Jackson writing with lamb chop on his hand...Jackson spit in my face. Nope. Not kidding. And the magical moment of "awe isint this just the sweetest moment." Turned into "What the ".....yeah. followed by a text to the hubster that went something like "I am a failure. Jackson needs to go to school." Sigh.

Anonymous said...

It does get better....every year! Amy Sharp

Very Verdant said...

Yeah, the first year is the hardest. Keep up the good work.

kkd said...

Yay, you are back!!

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