Thursday, October 18, 2012

here I raise....

rarely a day has gone by this month I haven't thought about last year at this time. A little over a year ago, the Lord was stirring this post  in my mind.

And exactly one year ago today, I locked up the doors to what is now known as a piece of history in our lives........a big piece.

 Each time, when memories good, and bad, flood in my mind; instead of sometimes paddling the questions of why, I have to float myself in the peace of his provisions.

To be honest, my life boat is Thankfulness.

 If I don't keep perspective on what Jesus has done for me, I lose. Like, really lose. I fall so hard, that I feel I would never get up.

12 years ago, a friend smacked me in the face with this very hard, very raw, and very real truth. It is when I fell on my face before Jesus. It was when I saw my sin in the nude. It's when I truly met Jesus.

Satan knows where to attack me. So, I'm building stones, or "Ebenezer's", have you; because just like the Israelites forgot how the Lord brought them out of the wilderness.......

 I forget how he brought me out of mine......

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kkd said...

What a great post and I love all the pictures of your beautiful girls. What wonderful memories y'all are making, each and every day. So sweet!

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