Thursday, October 4, 2012

random thoughts and a recipe!

I just love this time of year. It makes me want to pack up and move to where ever there is fall weather year 'round. I have enjoyed much quiet times out here.........

It's a perfect place to grade my girl's papers and just clear my mind.

One thing Emily asked with home schooling this year is that she learn how to cook. I realize, I let my girls help out a lot in the kitchen, but for them to truly learn how to cook, they need to see from start to finish. Just like I do with you in the pictures of a recipe. If they pick up in the middle, then they just might have missed the important parts.

Just because you might do something really well or a lot, doesn't mean your children are learning. They might see the end results, but miss the lesson on how you got to that point.

That's how it is in all of life isn't it?

I think sometimes, most of my arguments and corrections to my children might possibly be because I have not "taught" them. They might have watched me a million times, but it's not the same. For my children to know my passions, my desires, my struggles and my thoughts I need to tell them why I am passionate about something, or desire it, why I am struggling and what I'm thinking when I do something, or did something. I shouldn't always just expect them to see it through their young eyes.

I like details. I like to look at things and just stare at them sometimes. Sometimes it's just to soak up the beauty in the details and sometimes it's to add the beauty.

We've been working on our kitchen for a couple months now. It's very livable and perfectly functional, we are just doing what we can to finish the details and that takes some time. In the midst of it, I decide to add this or take away that. I decide which colors I would like to enjoy in that room. I like a little of the unexpected.

My china cabinet is a perfect example. When painting, I decided to start at the bottom. Right before moving to the top I decided I might leave it white awhile and see if I like it. I do! :)

Then a couple months later I decided, although I want it kept white, I still wanted to add another element. Something else to make it pop. I had some burlap already and decided it would be slipped in, between the glass and cut out.

I love it. (now if I could just jump up to Birmingham and pick up some awesome knobs for the upper cabinets it would be complete. maybe this one!)

Then, as we wait for our back splash to go up hopefully this month; I decided since I had chalk board paint, why not paint the back splash on this side of the room for some fun. "If I like it, I'll keep it", I thought, and if not, we can tile over it.

I love it.

Sometimes you just have to try it. See if you like it. Never get "use to" something. Like it, then love it, or change it and get rid of it!

I'll leave you with something we made for lunch today. It was when I was shopping in the produce section that made me think that I would give it a try....


 I recommend popping your thin pork cutlets in the freezer and let them freeze a bit before chopping, makes it much easier....

Chop up your pork in tiny pieces....

In a skillet on med high heat, add a drizzle or olive oil and about a 1/4 of a small onion, thinly sliced.

sprinkle with salt and cook 3-5 mins. then add about 2 Tbls of soy sauce and stir...

pour your entire bag of broccoli slaw mix and about 1/4 cup of Hoisin Sauce and give it a stir....Heat is still at med high....

Only let that cook about another 3 mins. You don't want soggy, you want a little crunch!

Pre-heat your oven to 450 degrees and take your egg roll filling off the burner and set aside.

Take your wrappers (found in Publix produce section) and follow the back of the directions on how to fold....



brush with olive oil and pop them in the oven for about 12 minutes! Serve with Duck Sauce and/or Dumpling Sauce and have a Cold Cucumber Salad on the side.


This made about 18 egg rolls. I choose baking for the healthy version, and so that I could eat two and not feel guilty at all! Enjoy :)

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Wanting What I Have said...

Love the sneak Peak intO the kitchen and cannot wait to see it finished!!! What a great lunch!

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