Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I'm going to fill this post with past photos, because I believe posts with pictures are much more interesting....and because I've sadly not taken out my camera lately on the girls.....


Yesterday, I was once again encouraged and amazed by God's goodness to us. The details in our life, and the fact He is in them. When you are looking you see them, and when you are not, sometimes He slaps you in the face with them, and sometimes you miss the opportunity to see His power.

Lizzy am

My brother was in town and so our normal school day was interrupted by a nice outing for lunch. It was suppose to rain a little and we had plans to meet up at the mall for lunch.

Plans changed and we decided that park play was a must for the cousins, so we headed out (flying by the seat of our pants of course). Here it was 12:26pm as I am pulling out of the bank; I have 4 minutes to grab food and meet the fam, and I'm at a brain freeze on where I need to pick up lunch.

girls @ play 7

Tim always tells me that food doesn't always have to be an "experience". He's so right. But for me.....I have trouble with that.

I'm a foodie, and so I think way to much on my meals. I didn't want the fast food and I wanted a salad, so we drive to the nearest Mom and Pop joint and wait a lot longer then my 4 minute deadline.

As I enter, I see the most sweetest filled table of individuals, decades older then me, smile my way. We attended church with them at our previous church home. As I stared at them in conversation, I was reminded of the one of the widow's husband that loved our little family. I vividly remember Him being the one to spur on this blog post. In a good way, because he was always so intentional.

jill and em

When we got to the park and I opened my chicken Caesar salad, I knew my hopes of smothering my niece with kisses was out of the question after I glared at my Caesar salad filled with almonds....yes, really. My little niece has a deadly nut allergy. My SIL assured me I could touch her if I go wash up my hands and mouth after eating.

Jillian Aug 2010

As I head to the restroom, my brother graciously snatches toilet paper from the men's room, because the women's is out (go figure), he grabs a wad...  I mean, if a mom has an opportunity to escape to the restroom , why just wash your hands; take the advantage of emptying your bladder......

 I see a precious mom and child heading my way; and would never want a mama left in a stall as her toddler tries to open the door on her only to discover she has no paper.... who wants that double whammy.

As I hand her some paper and we head in the bathroom, I get this strong feeling I know her. But with owning a retail store in town for almost 8 years, and someone is toting a tiny human, it is possible I've seen, or met them even, before.

girls beach1

My mind raced, as I searched for that memory. It pressed me as it being very important; but I just couldn't find it.

and then........

Sarah! Her name is Sarah!

We walk out of the stalls at the same time, and so I ask her..."is your name Sarah?", to which she confirmed.

I immediately reminded her of our meeting and doted on that precious little girl she had with her.

I had met Sarah at Walmart in the baby section. She was pregnant, and her boyfriend was over it and left her. She had a job and worked hard, but it was going to be difficult to provide for this little one.

My precious friend meeting us there, bought her a car seat. I remember the generosity that was made to her that day from my friend, and the humble thanks given by Sarah.

I felt so filled inside to see her doing so well, and to witness the beautiful life she had given birth too.

We left the restroom after a tiny chat, and went our ways on the playground, but I just couldn't shake the thought my conversation should last longer. I went up to her and asked her if I could take a picture of she and her daughter to send to the friend that bought her the car seat, after all, if I have the opportunity to encourage my friend, why wouldn't I....but I almost did. I almost talked myself out of it, like I am tempted to so often.  Sarah gladly accepted, and in return asked for contact info.

We chatted just a bit and she told me that she has moved to Panama City, met a christian guy that loves she and her daughter and takes great care of them.

three girls must.

I share with you today (and write it) to keep record of this, because I don't want to forget it.

I don't want to forget, that because my nieces needed some play before the long car ride home, our location to the park was made. That I was late to the park, because math was taking forever to finish with Lizzy. Because I was late to the park, I went to that Mom and Pop joint. There, I ran into precious people I hadn't seen in awhile, and because of that, was reminded to be intentional because of one of their late husbands. Which wasn't just reminding me of always, but preparing me for the next 30 mins of my life.

That I ordered a Caesar salad, unknowingly filled with nuts, which led to the restroom... that put me face to face with Sarah. And if I would have ignored the prompting to ask her (as weird as it could have sounded to her...stalker!) if I could take a picture of them, I would have missed her story of where she is right now. Which in return, I hope reminds her of God's faithfulness and provisions to her.


I could have just let it go.

I could have just decided, that although it was "bugging" me that I should know her, just let it go.

I could have ignored the prompting, and my day would've just gone on. But, because I didn't, I got to see the above happen.

I got to experience once again, that there is purpose in my life, just like every single one of you. That every little detail, really is apart of a bigger picture. I was placed in those places yesterday for a reason. So I could not only see , but be apart of the bigger picture. I'm terrible with names, so for her name to come to me after meeting her one time years ago in the 30 seconds I searched for it, is nothing short of God giving it to me. I know it to be true.



As Christians, we pray out loud and ask our heavenly father "give us opportunity"..... how many times do you think God tries to show us.... "your life is opportunity"....

I'm going to try to hold on to the title of this post.....so that I don't keep missing it.


Jessica said...

Love this story! Annnd....I really love the bedroom pic...its perfect in so many ways.

faithdownunder said...

Great testimony Katie.

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