Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cutie Patootie, Inspiration and just for laughs..........

Yesterday this little cutie patootie stop by to try on this.........


Couldn't you just EAT.HIM.ALIVE!!!!!

Lucas just won the boy's division "Cutest Kid Contest" this past weekend at the Babypalooza event in the Civic Center. He came to pick out an outfit for a photo shoot with Wiregrass Parenting Magazine.....So look for him soon in the next issue!

My brain starting spinning a thought while Lucas was in here......"Why not have my own 'Cutest Kid Contest'!!"

Here's how it will work:

Starting: Today!
Entrees Ending: May 31,2010 at 5:30pm
Voting Starts: June 1, 2010
Voting Ends: June 5, 2010

Rules: Submit one (1) one picture of you child entering. E-mail Picture to and list the child's name. The Name will not go on the Internet, it will stay in our records. Your child will be given a number (#) beside the pic for voting purposes.

Pictures will go up as they are submitted, so they will be updated regularly!

Voting: E-Mail and cast your vote! Of course we know you will vote for your own child, so you must add another number. Voting will begin June 1, 2010 and end June 5, 2010.

Example: Votes for #5 (my child) and #18

Anyone can send in a vote ex. grandparents,aunts,uncles, friends, cousins. The only people that can double vote (example above) are the ones submitting!

Winner: Receives a FREE* Outfit from Bellamia!
(*outfit can not exceed the maximum price value of $70.00)

Start submitting today!!!!!!

on a more silly note (and because I have laughed all day over this!) , I will share a funny. Last night Jillian lost her 12th tooth. As she went to go check out the damage (aka: blood) in the mirror, I could see Elizabeth's thought process as she ran as fast as she could to me and asked " do you have any money?" , "can I be the one to put the money under the pillow?". Ok, I interrupt this story just to say, yes, my children know the Tooth Fairy, Santa, and the Eater Bunny are not real. They do not share that info with your children to spoil it so no worries. We do give Money, Presents and Fill their baskets, they just know that we are the real source behind those things. I said yes to all, knowing I actually DID have some cash in my wallet (you see in our house the tooth fairy sometimes has had to leave some IOU's!). Every time, Jillian left the room, she would give me a look like "NOW???". FINALLY, when it became time, we snuck out and I unzipped my wallet only to discover I ONLY HAD TWENTIES!!!! I proceeded to break the news to Elizabeth. As I whispered " OH NO! I don't have anything!" to her response..... Whispering....."c.r.e.d.i.t. c.a.r.d.s"........ She was SO SERIOUS too!

Hope this makes you smile today!


J said...

oh my goodness. that is so funny!

Kristen said...

Still laughing out loud!!! Precious!

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