Wednesday, May 26, 2010

for he's a jolly good fella'..........

Meet Papa...........
papa and lizzy1
this picture was taken several years ago, but still one of my favorites :)
Papa is my grandfather and great grandfather to these........
+ Camille....added in March....
camille and papa1
+ plus 11 more from his other two children.... these are just from my mom's grand kids!
That's right! He has 8 grandchildren (although he tells everyone he has 9, and when we question him on it he starts counting off names and always includes Tim which is pretty special to me because he counts Tim as his own, which Tim gladly accepts, because their relationship doesn't know the meaning of in-law) 27 great-grandchildren and it doesn't stop there!
You can read more about him here on my brother's blog....... I highly recommend you checking it out. My brother is a very gifted photographer in Birmingham and I think you will enjoy this tribute to Papa's life and might provide a little inspiration for your family. This project was started about 6 months prior to my grandfather's stroke. Papa moved in with my mom last May after suffering from a major stroke that took away his ability to live on his own.
We will be celebrating Papa's 90th birthday this weekend. He has called for a BIG celebration and BIG he shall get! Not every one has been given the gift of turning 90. And not every one has been given the gift to enjoy this much time with their Papa as we have. We have much to celebrate! Papa is doing great and we hope to celebrate many more birthdays with him! I will return with pictures of the BIG day next week!

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