Monday, November 8, 2010

Small Groups.....

Are you in one?????

Jillian readingb/w

Tim and I have participated in small groups for over the last 10 years.


Before being part of that community I didn't know what I was missing and really didn't think it that necessary in my life.

three girls carb/w

Now, that it is a crucial part of my spiritual growth and fellowship, I can't imagine life with out it.

e and j b/w

We are studying The Peacemaker by Ken Sande. It addresses life's conflicts. Good stuff. Hard stuff. But the Lord is showing me much through it. God is gracious in His dealings with me, I deserve Hell and am thankful to say that is not where I am headed because of His mercy on and love for me.


If you are a believer and have pulled away from the fellowship,accountability and community of what a small group offers, then I encourage you to pull out of the hermit that you have become in your shell and join one. God will do beyond what we can comprehend in those groups.

If you are in one, comment about yours so that you can be an encouragement to me and the ones who read this blog!

Happy Monday!

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Jennifer said...

Love this and I so agree! I feel so blessed to have found a Bible Study with a wonderful group of people at the church where Turner attends school. =)

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