Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend recap......

emily in tree

Whew!! Not even sure how to write this post! Tim has traveled about a third of this year and it has not been fun flying solo here on the home front. Some times it would be for days and others for weeks. It was not.fun.at.all.

jill in tree

Right before he came home we had already decided we needed to run away!

liz in tree

Not just the two of us but the whole fam.

girls in tree

If we stayed around home you know the honey do list would come out and so we decided to escape to one of our favorite places...............

sun rise

If you know someone who doesn't believe there is a God, then I recommend you taking them to the coast.

I have seen many sunsets and sunrises but it still amazes me every time I get to experience one on the beach.

We had a fabulous time and the weather was just perfect. This really is my favorite time of year to go to the beach but we have never been in November where the weather was this beautiful.

I should have learned from the last time I told the girls they could pack their own bags...

lizzy asleep on couch

Two out of Three of my girls heard me say to do so, one heard they needed long sleeves. The result, two girls with clothes, one with out any and one with Christmas attire and of course mismatch pajamas. At least the two older can share, and at one point Jillian even had to borrow my shorts, yes; my shorts, whoop whoop!

I took 856 pictures, yes, you read correctly. The girls had fun playing and I had fun capturing them. There is no possible way I can tell you in detail of our weekend so I will just leave you with the pictures and let them tell the story! Not 856, I did manage to scale it down a bit! Enjoy!


in inlet

three girls


tim goofing off

tim and moon

jillian watching sun set

sunset 3



liz in the mismatch pjs

lizz at sunrise

girls and tim

lizzy running


girls and tim on beach

lizzy wet

sand house

emily reading

lix on bike




sun rise

jill at market

beach 2010 267

jill in seaside

beach 2010 460

seaside nighttime


tim on green

liz laughing

emily butterfly face


butterfly wings

jill hola

jill sanddollar

three girls must.

liz must.

jillian mus.

liz asleep

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE the pic of Jillian with the stach! They're all great. Glad y'all had such a fun, much needed time away!

kristen said...

Beautiful pictures! That sunset is incredible!

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