Thursday, November 4, 2010

maybe not blog worthy.........

hot choco
When I went to the gym the other night, the class instructor informed us that the average person gains 12lbs over the Holiday Season!! Yikes! That is why you see three mugs and not four..... I am already only 10lbs away from the average person after this cat was let out of the bag!
At least we balance it out with a healthy lunch.....this morning Elizabeth asked me to please cut up Bob and Larry for her sandwich.... puzzled I turned around to find this laying on my cutting board....
larry and bob
She's a riot and I think she might have figured it out!
If you don't laugh at her around our house on her funny comments; the picks for her sleeping attire would get you every time.........
lizzy pj
Yes, the Christmas pj's stay in our pj drawer year 'round and yes, she does own a lot of matching pj's and yes, this is pretty mild in comparison to what she sports out of her bedroom regularly! Am I the only one that has kid's that do this?? Anyone else??

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