Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a Give- Away!!

Sometimes when shopping with my little ones, we will come across an item that might not be "tagged" with a price on it. Of course we joke....."it must be free!".....

blabla 006

I remind them....."nothing is ever free!"

blabla 004

So instead of stating that I am about to give one of you something FREE, I will simply imply that I am about to give one of you something in a Give-Away!

blabla 005

Here are the rules.......

 to enter you must simply do one of the following for one entry. You may choose to do all up to 7 for multiple entries.

1.) post something about bellamia on your blog
2.) Send me a Friend Request on Facebook (must be a new friend, not existing)
3.) post something about bellamia on your Facebook wall
4.) Link bellamia on your Facebook wall
5.) Link bellamia on your blog post
6.)Post bellamia on your blog reads
7.) Subscribe to my blog (must be first time subscriber, not existing!)

blabla 003

After doing any or all of the above list, simply leave me a comment on this Post stating how you entered, AND your email address so I will know how to contact you if you win!

Example of two (2) entries-


I have linked you from my blog , and posted your link on my Facebook wall. - Katie Pilcher(name optional)

All entries will go in for a drawing.

And your prize you may ask is..............

blabla 002

As if you couldn't have guessed it already!

blabla 001

One of our adorable Bla Bla dolls*!!

**excludes: Giant Dolls Only**

Entries end Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Drawing to be held March 3, 2011! Winner will be notified no later then March 4, 2011.



The Pughs said...

I have posted about Bellamia on my blog, I have linked Bellamia on my post, I have Bellamia on my blog read, I subscribed through email and I have sent a friend request on facebook. Love your stuff!!!

kkd said...

Done! (linked on blog and sending to FB) And Miss Lydia will be bringing her artwork by this afternoon or Monday. :)

Bev said...

Sent a FB friend request. Love your shop!

Kim King said...

Commented on my FB wall! :-)
Kim King

Branding Iron Boutique said...

I have posted about Bellamia on my blog & also linked it on my blog. I have sent you a friend request on FB, posted something about Bellamia & linked you on FB. I have also subscribed to your blog.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Marian Brown -

Anonymous said...

I posted about Bellamia on my Facebook page, linked to Bellamia on my Facebook page and requested Bellamia as a friend on Facebook! Thanks a bunch! Susy

Denise said...

I subscribed to the blog, sent a friend request. Your blog is on my reader list but it has been there for a while. Love a give away! Thanks.

Sherree said...

I subscribed to the blogand sent a friend request. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie! I sent a friend request and posted on my Facebook page.

Melissa said...

Sent a friend request and posted about you on my Facebook page - hope to visit you in person this week. I love those dolls!

The Hensons said...

I posted on my blog, added you as a friend on FB, Posted about Bellamia on my FB wall, linked Bellamia on my FB wall, I linked Bellamia in my blog post, I posted Bellamia on my blog reads, and I subscribed to your blog!

Thanks for the fun giveaway! I love visiting your store when I am in Dothan! Amy Henson-

jennie said...

Hi you guys! How we LOVE Bellamia! So lucky to have a boutique like yours in Dothan!
I have subscribed to the blog,posted a link and also a message about Bellamia on my facebook! Have a blessed day!
My email addy is

Anonymous said...

Love Bellamia! Added Bellamia as facebook friend and posted on facebook wall!
Kelli Ellis

Anonymous said...

I sent you a friend request. Love the blog and your sweet store!

Alison Hall

Jessica said...

Hi there!
1. I posted about you guys on my blog:

2. Bellamia is listed on my blog reading list.

3. I linked Bellamia up on my blog.

Happy Tuesday!

Amy said...

Subscribed to your blog. Hope I win!

Seige said...

1. posted to Facebook wall
2. Linked bellamia to Facebook wall
3. Subscribed to my blog (not sure if i did it correctly)

Thanks!! Would LOVE to win! Ally needs one! :)

Anonymous said...

Made a post on my FB wall and linked Bellamia to my FB wall! Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

subscribed to the blog
sent friend request on facebook
made a post on facebook wall
linked bellamia on facebook wall

soon2b said...

subscribed to blog
friend request on facebook
posted on my wall about your store
Linked your store on facebook


Anna said...

Hey Katie! I subscribed to the blog. I was already a loyal reader, but now I am officially a subscriber :) Elle said she would love a new blabla!!

Anna Barron

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