Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From the Archives....

I was browsing my archives from last year and came across this one. I so wish I wouldn't have forgotten about this event for this year! It is still going on and greatly needed in our state, for they have over 2800 children requested for. Please read and consider donating here, or drop your donation off locally at Ridgecrest Baptist Church until April 30th!! We still have a week to bless their socks off! Come on Dothan, Let's do this!

Below was written April 2011, but still very much applies today....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Please Help.....

Without getting too lengthy, let me share my thoughts.

Several years ago, I had my uterus removed for medical reasons.

Our Eleven year old wants another baby sister soooooo badly and begs us pretty much on a daily basis to adopt.

The past couple of years the Lord has really pressed upon my heart Pro-Life. What does that mean? What do I really think about that? What can I do to help?

Please, do not get me wrong; I have always been and totally stand on Pro- Life and believe that whatever the stage of pregnancy you are in, if you choose to end the "pregnancy", you choose to take your babies life.

But as a believer, lately I have felt to stand on the ground of Pro-Life means more than just stating/doing the following-

1. If I get pregnant I will have this baby no matter what.
2. Sending women who are pregnant and wanting to abort to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.
3. Volunteering at a local Pregnancy Center
4.Praying for these Women and families
5. Asking these women to give their baby up for adoption other than abort.
and much more I know......

softball, spring break and crafts 162

Number 5 is what the Lord has been pressing on me. Please do not take offense in what I am about to say as saying you should do this, but rather this is what I have struggled with.


If I were to tell a women to PLEASE not take her baby's life and that there are lots and lots of people out there who will love her baby and care for her baby. That her child will be well loved, by people who truly want this child. And if that women looked at me and said....."will you take my child??" What would I say?


That has been my struggle. I think it is easy for us all to say, "Of course we would say YES, this is a life or death situation" . But in reality to really see the meaning behind Pro-Life we would see that even though the Lord calls individuals, he also commands we take care of the widows and the orphans (James 1:27). I have come to great peace over this past year with a "Yes Lord" attitude if the Lord sees fit to bless our home with whatever age, race , gender child. He may never do so, but I count it much joy in the peace, for my biggest struggle in my Christian walk is to say "Yes Lord".

And although I think nothing wrong and am very grateful to all the Families that have adopted from Countries out of the USA, as the poster states above, there are children right in our back yard who need love and care.

We sadly live in a declining Country. The teen pregnancy rate to ridiculously high. Grandparents are raising their own Grandchildren if best. We are to be a light in the darkness. We are to set an example. We are to live a Godly life and serve a Mighty King that gave us life, eternal life.

So in this small tangible way, please come support life.

This is how you can help.

I may be wrong but I believe last year our Houston County has 167 foster children alone in the state. To me that is no small number.

If you don't have time to shop for the suits itself and ship them, or you are like me and you are in the check out line and say to yourself, "shoot, I was supposed to get that!" then you can just purchase a gift card right there for $25.00! You may ship a gift card from Target or Walmart in the amount of $25.00 that would purchase a Swim Suit and Beach Towel Combo. Or make a Donation online by clicking here.

Please spread the word to ALL your Facebook friends as well! That would be a huge help!

***You may also, drop off gift cards or swim suit, towel or both, to Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama***

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