Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's a recipe kinda day....

If I don't post some of these recipes I have on camera and in my head, I will forget how I made them.

I posted the above pic on Facebook awhile back. It was a quick and easy late night dinner. We were coming in from some event, so it worked out beautifully for being quick, easy and oh so yummy.

If any of you have visited P.F. Changs and ordered their famous lettuce wraps, then you will love this. I would not rank these up there with theirs, but they are a good, do it yourself home version :)

I didn't plan on posting the recipe until someone asked, so I don't have the ingredient and how to pics, so it will have to be done the old fashion way-

Here it is-

Cube (and I mean tiny) 4 or 5 Boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Chop a mix of peppers (I use about 6-8 of the mini sweet bell peppers- Sam's Club or Publix carries them...they are a staple for me)

Chop 1/2 a sweet onion. or 4 green onions (used in above pic)

2 garlic cloves- chopped

a couple hand fulls of dry roasted peanuts (salt or unsalted- probably 1 cup) coarsely chopped.

About half of the 9.4oz bottle Hoisin Sauce below.

2 heads of iceburg lettuce, washed and cold. You are going to want them cold and crispy for better taste, so try washing earlier in the day if you think of it and place tightly in ziplock bag until serving.

You will want to just turn your lettuce over, cut the core out, rinse with water and gently separate the head, then flip it down (where the core was) and let the water drain out completely before refrigerating. Does that make sense?  Hope so!

In a VERY large skillet or Wok, add about 1-2 TBLS of oil- sometimes I use Sesame Oil for the Asian taste, but use olive, peanut or veggie oil is fine.

Get your pan really hot and then add your chicken. I usually just sprinkle LIGHTLY with salt. Sauces are normally really salty so the chicken doesn't need much salt. Stir to brown as much as you can and cut heat to medium. While the chicken is cooking I usually chop my veggies.

When chicken has been cooking about 5 mins, I add my peppers and garlic and sweet onion (unless I am using the green onion), continue to stir to cook evenly with heat on medium. Cook another 5 mins and then add your green onions and peanuts and cook another minute. Then pour the Hoisin sauce over the mix and stir to coat evenly.

Cook about another 2-3 mins and then add to your platter for serving. Cook time will depend on your chicken size. If you cube them pretty small (which is better for the wraps anyway, then it will cook faster).

Serve the chicken mix in the lettuce leaves like a taco and enjoy!! It can get messy, but who cares! My girls love them and shout a big hurray when I announce it on the menu!

Hope to have some more recipes posted tonight and tomorrow! Hopefully :)

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