Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And they lived Happily Ever After....

Because if I don't do it now, it might not ever get done!

 Here are a few some pictures from Leah and Wesley's Wedding and Reception- It was truly a day every bride hopes and prays for. It was supposed to rain, even forcasted it that very day. It was a glorious day. Absolutely the perfect temperature. Just beautiful. The Wedding was held in Donaldsonville, Georgia, at the Groom's grandparent's church, and the Reception here in Dothan, at the Stokes Activity Barn inside Landmark Park. Some of these pictures are just down right awful, but if I am in a hurry and it's not on my "click it as I am running through the room" mode, then it will be blurred and no way of it making it worthy of even trying to spruce it up with editing. In fact, for the sake of time, none of these are is what it is...

For those of you just tuning in, Leah was my faithful, beloved employee for almost 4 years. Our families have known each other quite some time. Her cousin Marie (and photographer for Leah's Wedding- can't wait to see her pics!), was my maid of honor.Not to mention, her mom has been cutting and highlighting my hair for the last 10 years. Including a new summer do I'm sporting she did Monday.......

 Leah loved our family well, and we were so happy to bless she and Wesley in anyway when it came to helping with their special day.

There were probably just a couple of rooms in my home without flowers in them the week of the wedding. I do love to decorate and arrange things. Arranging flowers is something I didn't know I even enjoyed or could do until several years ago. Leah gave me many inspirational pictures of what she liked. I have a wholesale license locally, but we also used Sam's Club for many of the beauties.

 I had ordered from there before if you remember last year, so I was WAY MORE comfortable this time around with what to expect. When dealing with so many flowers, knowing the bloom, and the delicacies, and temperament can be tricky. Forcing blooms open, stopping the bloom, and even bringing them back to life ,after the heat from being Fedex(ed), can be completely nerve racking when it comes to the fact that it is a girl's day that most have dreamt about since age 4. Tim was awesome at calming me when I would get a little overwhelmed by assuring me that he believed that if anyone could give Leah what she had envisioned, it would be me. That sounds more like pressure, but it was actually encouraging when I had my doubts.

I love a barn reception! When looking for something to do with the exterior, Leah gave me a picture of a letter covered in flowers for inspiration. The letter size we wanted, was truly not available anywhere we could find in the USA, and even overseas her Uncle couldn't find it that size. Tim assured me it was no pro-blem-o for him to create if I just drew the letters on plywood, he would take care of the rest of the form. I do love him :)

 Some of you asked about this garland back at Christmas. We decided to get Carroll's Nursery here locally to make us a 22ft boxwood garland for the church and 4ft wreath for the barn. I stuffed them with flowers before hanging.  Then the week of the wedding (because that's how my brain works best) decided to outline the dance floor with boxwoods to bring it all together. Did you know that most Local Nursery's rent out such a thing for events??? Pretty awesome info, so store that for your future events.......unless, you're landscaping your yard ;)

The Families worked their patootie's off and were an absolute blast to work with. I think Tim thought I might go insane the late night at the church if Leah's Uncle Chad, had not been side by side with me on doing this event.

Enough said, now time for your eyes to enjoy! Hope this provides some inspiration for your next party!



JMW said...

GORGEOUS! I love what you did with the flowers. The entire wedding theme is wonderful and everyone looks like they had a fun, laid back time. Congrats to the happy couple!

kkd said...

Your super cute short new 'do makes me want to chop my hair off today!! I'm so calling you the next time I get married. :) Seriously though, breathtaking!!

Our Big Adventure!! said...

Super Beautiful!!! Love the Barn!! the flowers were amazing!! And Love the photo frame set up!!

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