Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brain overload....

**pics in the post are some I pulled from my camera, most that I didn't even know about, because the girls took them**

I am in overload people! I feel like I need a good 4 hours on this blog, or on the couch, bathtub, the gym; you know, where ever you just dump your thoughts.....

School is getting smoother and smoother, although when I talked to Tim today and mentioned the girls were taking a math test at the moment, I got a, "y'all are still doing school at 2pm??". Smooth, doesn't always mean our usual 12:30pm finish line, but almost always still feels like a race to finish.

We have soaked up these beautiful "fallish" days and taken multiple break/snack times to enjoy the beauty outdoors. Our southern heat, can sneak up on us in a hurry, so we make it a point to make it a big deal when the temps hang out around the 70's. And hey, if it starts out in the 60's, we don't even care if it reaches 90 degrees that day, the boots will probably be on our feet.

I'm starting to feel the pressure to come up with some funky fun crafts from my girls. Don't get me wrong, they have an imagination of their own, it's just me fueling it that takes time. If you want, send me some fun fall food and decorating ideas at kcpilcher@gmail.com. If we like it, and try it, we'll blog about it!

On another note. We are only in week 4 of school and I have managed to go through an entire cartridge of ink for my printer. I am thinking that I am going to have to add a line to my budget or start getting the Sunday paper in search of some $$ saving coupons........ or both!

Our girls have fallen in love with blogging and so it seems we fight over the computer and camera sometimes. If you have never blogged before, let me just tell you; when you start out, it can take hours to make a post happen. Downloading pictures, editing pictures, tending to you interruptions, gathering your thoughts after the interruptions, editing your post, etc.

I ditched the picture editing over a year ago, and try to save my long inspired posts for when I am in the house alone (which is why I haven't had one of those in awhile). All to say, that our girls are getting a little taste of what a writer goes through, and I'm glad they are.

I have recipes galore, boo coodles of thoughtful posts in my head, decorating ideas, but to think they will make it to the blog anytime soon, I feel it not. I'm getting there, and a lot faster then I thought. It's just I keep having these moments every now and then; and what I mean by moments, is sometimes they're border line panic attacks, like "I am their only teacher! They had four teachers teaching seven subjects last year. They have had ten teachers in their life they can compare me too!" kind of moments. Not to mention, that budget....yeah, the never thought about paper plates have joined our family after realizing that the three meals a day is causing our dish washer to run sometimes three cycles a day, and the toilet paper....oh, the amount of toilet paper.....

Homeschooling has been life changing. Not easy, not terribly hard, not bad, but not always good. But we know this is what we're supposed to do for right now; and we know the "right now" can change at any moment. One day I hope to post about why we decided to Home school. I was Home Schooled myself and swore I would NEVER Home school my own children. Homeschooling our girls was a terribly hard, but yet extremely easy decision to make.....and with that confusing remark, I'll leave y'all hanging for another post at another time.

Happy Tuesday Y'all!.......only THREE more days 'til Friday (amen!).

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6HartsforHim said...

Oh! Can I relate! My dishwasher is running for the 3rd time today, I bought toilet paper for the 2nd time in the last week. And to cope with my anxiety, I've made 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies in the last 3 days. Yea, I am on overload too. P.s.Not sure where you get your ink, but I have found that sams has the best prices.

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