Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cell Phones, Baking and Sewing, OH MY!

I have had a battle within for the past year on whether or not to get a smart phone. Questions like:

Do I really want to be able to be contacted anytime of day about business related things.

At Home.

On Vacation.

In the middle of the night.


Some of you know exactly what I mean. It could be a good thing right, if I had to work from home it would be easier, email convenient when on the road and contact with someone over a business transaction. Even as nice as simplifying my life from taking a picture of a product that a customer wants to see from out of state and simply emailing it to them over my phone without transferring the picture to the computer then to email.


But again, do I REALLY want no more excuses like, when I left the office I left the work and will have to get to it tomorrow , when I know that the work is right there on my phone and can be dealt with then if wanted too.

me and tim

Well, the pros did out way the cons in my opinion. One reason, I have already experienced how nice it is to be in contact with Tim when he is traveling. In most paper mills he works in, they can't receive phone calls or texts. But because he is front of the computer most of the day, I can contact him via email now even when I am sitting in Carline, at the grocery store, etc. This has been really nice this week! Also, when I don't have my camera handy, I can snap pictures of our daily lives, and they actually come out pretty decent for a camera phone, not to mention, my techno savvy brothers are pretty excited I moved up in the world.


Because of our trip, the pumpkin picking was a little delayed this year at our house. The selection was still really nice, but sad that I only have had them a week before my children are begging to carve them!

Speaking of pumpkins, this is my favorite time of year for cooking/baking......


I am sure like the smart phone, I stayed in the stone age and didn't come across this SIMPLE recipe until last week unlike you all, but for the ones that catch the tail end of a popular new thing like me, this is for you......


quite possibly the easiest thing I have ever made......


1 can of Pumpkin.

1 box of devils food chocolate cake mix OR spice cake mix.


That's it! NOTHING.ELSE.

Bake 350 Degrees for 15mins.

BEWARE......cupcakes are sinfully good and require LOTS of self control {kind of like the smart phone!}.

And last but not least...................

jill dorothy

One costume down and THREE more in the making to go! Can you guess who we are all going as.........

Stay tuned!

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