Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Have you met my family?

Let me introduce.......


If you click on the photo they are all tagged so you can know each one!

When looking at this picture it doesn't look near as big as it feels when we are all together.


This of course is just my immediate family (on my side) and does not include all the aunts, uncles and cousins I have as well.

There is never a dull moment....






This picture was taken this past weekend. We all gathered together to send off Matt and his crew of 10 to Africa for a couple of years.

Matt works with Persecution Project which I would invite you to click on over and read about; and if you feel led, get involved. It's very simple.


*photo compliments of Persecution

At the girls school there is a giant empty water jug placed near the water fountains. This reminds the children that when they take a drink of clean cool refreshing water the children of Sudan can only drink the same with their help. They drop their change in that jug every day, one by one. Just to raise money for water.

We are very blessed.

There was something else that was very heavy on my heart this past
weekend.........the absence of my Father.

Father's play an important role. Father's are the protector of the family, the leader, the strong hold, the comforter, the guide, the piece of the puzzle that does not need to be missing, with out that piece, there is a hole. An incomplete piece to a beautiful picture by a beautiful artist.

girls st.mount rock

There is a beauty though. The Hole that human hands made will forever be a hole. Yet the grace, mercy and love that flows down from our Heavenly Father because of our Lord and Savior continues to fill it to overflowing. There and only there is the beauty.

May my hole never be empty. May yours always be filled to overflowing.

Praying God's Mercy, Love and Grace will continue to flow down on my very large family. That He may continue to draw us closer to Him until we unite at the Heavenly Gates and that Satan be far from this good thing. This thing called Family.

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JMW said...

That's so great that your brother is doing this kind of work, God's work. Best of luck to him. And I love that your daughter's school as the jar by the water fountain. What a great remembrance tool.

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