Monday, January 31, 2011

Good morning??

Ever had one of those "can't wait until tonight so I can just go back to bed" kind of mornings?? Last night I had three little munchkins pile in my bed and one little munchkin loves to not just kick, but punch, squirm and toss ALL.NIGHT.LONG! Sometimes, I kick, punch and shove back, but doesn't even faze her. I kept thinking she was going to tell me when she woke up this morning that she had this terrible dream that someone that looked just like her mother that would never do this, kept kicking her and made her very sad. Our conversation went more like this...

Me: Elizabeth, how did you sleep?
Elizabeth: Terrible! I had a terrible dream.
Me: uh oh, What about?

Pause- if you don't know this about Elizabeth yet, she is a VERY dramatic,matter a fact, kind of girl, so this conversation at this point is already getting intense.


Elizabeth: Well, I dreamed I went to school and I opened my Lunch box...

Me- interrupting: and it punched you?

Elizabeth: NOOOO, mom. I opened my lunch box and I had a snack I didn't like. Emily packed me a snack I don't like. And I knew it wasn't you, because you wouldn't pack me that snack. You would just kick me all night instead.It was Emily, and I was so upset. 'cause I had to eat that snack.

Whew! Although, I woke up like I had been in a boxing ring all night, Elizabeth is just fine. Like I said. Doesn't.Even.Faze her. I told her she had to sleep by herself tonight somewhere (because she can't sleep in her room because it still looks like this) and she told me she would just sleep with Emily. She informed me that Emily doesn't mind being kicked all night......hmmm, I think not.

Don't you wish that your bad dreams were just about your lunch box having a snack you didn't like in it!?!

On a totally different topic...

For all you bloggers out there with Blogspot, haven't had much time to play with the newbies, but pretty excited about some of the new options we've got going on in the blog world. If you start seeing some changes (in a good way I hope) to my blog, it's because I am exploring into all the new fun buttons and options that are only fingertips away! Any bloggers out there, liking this too??

Happy Coupon Monday to you all!

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Lacie said...

I like that you are playing around with your blog but, your new font is very hard to read. (sorry!)

Bellamia said...

oops! Still working on it! Thank you! I appreciate your comment!

miranda said...

I've never commented before, just quietly admired you and your sweet family! But it's funny, I spent 2 hours last night giving my blog a facelift with all those cool new features!

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