Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For Sale......

My little girls are growing up! Two of them have requested over the last few months to eliminate the "pink" in their rooms. Of course with having three girls there is a LOT of pink! I don't blame them, they have had these rooms in these pastel pinks and alike for many years now.

They are starting their pre-teen years and so a room make over is due!

They have chosen (with my help/encouragement of course) a room that is appropriate for YEARS to come and very different from what they had.

Pictures will come soon on the make over, but in the mean time, to eliminate things that are only collecting in my living room and halls {that I have to maneuver around every day of this process}, I have decided to sell a few of them........

The first is a custom piece of Art. It matched Emily's room and I know this will have to be for a person buying for an "Emily", but I will take my chances. It retailed in my store for $80.00. I will take $30.00 in measures 24X30.

girls room and new product 009

girls room and new product 012

The next are a pair of Framed art by Laura Ashley. I don't remember what I paid for them, but for the pair I will take $15.00. Sorry I didn't measure these...I believe they are about 11X9.

girls room and new product 013

The next is a custom piece of art that I have LOVED for many years, but since I am re-doing one of the rooms that has this bathroom, I am parting ways with this as well. I paid $40.00 and will take $15. I didn't measure this either, but have something like it in the shop and it should be 14X11.

girls room and new product 014

All of these are in Great condition! Email me bellamia@centurytel.net if you are interested!

I am sure I will have more as my "spring cleaning" continues! Stay Tuned for a sneak peak into our projects.........

Spring Cleaning in the shop has also been going on! Check out the coupon on "Coupon Monday" below and use it to help us make room for new spring!

I arrived this morning after having a long weekend off to these cuties..........

girls room and new product 029

girls room and new product 030


JMW said...

My daughter is at the beginning of her pink stage - we just painted her room two months ago. :) Love the seersucker items you have in at your store - I'm soooo ready for that time of year!

Bellamia said...

@ JMW- Thanks! And what fun for all that pink, I admit, it was a little sad painting over it. Enjoy this time!

@ Everyone else- Fairy/Butterfly art has sold!

Bellamia said...

Three Girls in a Tub- SOLD

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