Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap, New arrivals and a Coupon Monday!

as I start to type this I realize there is potential for this to be a long post.... so sit back..


grab a cup of this....


and don't say I didn't warn you......

Once again, we took our annual trip this weekend to the Blue Ridge Mountains......


We have stayed in the same cabin each year......





And we will continue too as long as the Lord continues to bless us with the opportunity. It has E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. you could possibly want and need there......






We arrived later then expected, after spending 4 unexpected hours in Atlanta at the Ford Dealership Service Department getting our car fixed and running again... the Lord truly blessed us with peace and harmony in the family during that time. What I mean by that....I just might, just a little, might have learned to give my time to the Lord :) I say that because I normally, would be a little perturbed about 1.) the delay 2.) the less amount of time in the beautiful mountains and 3.) the extra unexpected $$ that came out of our pockets.

The delay did give us time to enjoy going to a few place we all enjoy as a family......


**photo images compliments of google images**

and a few we don't all enjoy as a family......


**photo compliments of google images**

While at Barnes and Noble we picked up a few books, including this one......


I read aloud to everyone and it is something I have not done in quite awhile and it was!

On Friday, I spent a lot of the day doing this......



And yes, this picture was probably NOT taken in the early morning when we just awoke, but rather hours into the day. In fact, I didn't even get out of my pajama's that day :) hey, it's vacation right?? On vacation you are entitled to ONE completely lazy day in the Pilcher household. Tim believes the others are not to be wasted.....who said I was wasting the day in the first place.....

the kiddos ventured most of the day in the woods behind the cabin....







We are outdoor people but at some points during the day it was just too cold to stay out too long....

Mountains '11 002

On Saturday The Davenports came to play..................

Mountains '11 012


Do you see how many girls????

Mountains '11 018

Five of theirs + 3 of ours....

I didn't play the Paparazzi like I normally would this weekend and so it is what it is......

Mountains '11 021

Mountains '11 028

Mary Katharine and I met in the blogging world and but feel like there has never been a day we didn't know each other.

We were heading towards their neck of the woods (well, closer then here) and decided a meeting was a must!

Honestly, I knew MK and I could just sit and talk forever, but I wondered how the hubby's and the girls would do?? Would they look at me as I spoke to them like "I don't really know you so please don't touch me!".

As you can see from the pics , it was nothing like that and a couple of times we would find Olivia like this......

Mountains '11 046

The girls have made new friends (I hope for life!)....

Mountains '11 042

Mountains '11 055

Mountains '11 069

Mountains '11 070

and Kate, oh, Miss Kate.......

Mountains '11 071

I wanted to just put her in my pocket and take her home with me.......

Of course they are all precious and I have nicknamed MK "Superwoman" and you can see why when you read all about them here! Thank you MK for agreeing to spend the day with us, and Richard for taking MK's word for it and believing her when she said we were not some crazy lunatics (as I had to convince Tim about you all :), and to the girls for making my girls smile and warming their hearts with new friendships. Love to all!

We drove home Sunday and our phones were a blowing up to the warnings by friends and family of the Winter Weather we were going to have???? I feared as I would return to Dothan, and needed to make a grocery run, that all of the necessities would be gone. We Dothanites let Jim Cantore get the best of us some times. I just needed some groceries because I had been gone for four days!!

We did manage to swing by here on the way home and I picked up a few goodies....

Mountains '11 084

I awoke this morning to what appeared to be just a raining cold day and decided, despite the warnings the day before and the school closings, we would be opened for the 3 or so people that might come in today. I hate weather decisions like this??? Close or stay open??

I was however, glad to arrive this morning to some pink.........

Mountains '11 085

Mountains '11 086

and blue.....

Mountains '11 087

Mountains '11 088

Sunshine and Spring is starting to shine in Bellamia.... use the Coupon Monday below to enjoy it a little! Thanks for letting me ramble! See you soon!

coupon monday gift

Thanks for hanging on 'til the end!

One more thing................... WAR EAGLE!!!

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mary katharine said...

These photos are great! Poor Patterson!!! That girl was OUT OF IT. Maybe that was for the best ... :)
We had a blast and yes, that place is perfect. Kate told me today that she "liked those people's house in the woods."
I hope our girls will be friends for life. I think the odds are pretty good ... as are the odds for a field trip to Dothan. Suggestions???
Miss y'all already!

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