Tuesday, February 8, 2011

back on the farm.....

I just love that saying! It makes me day dream about this happy family on a beautiful ranch, living the simple but hard {does that even make since} life. They drink coffee on their big wrap-around porch while rocking in their rocking chairs overlooking beautiful country side, they work hard during the day, and relax and play as a family at night.

Someone needs to pinch me, because if I stay dreaming about this too long, Tim is going to come home with a For Sale sign in our city yard and on our city business, and be greeted with a sweet little "hello honey, how was your day and oh, btw, we are moving to the country!"

Don't think this conversation hasn't come up a few times {and not always brought up by yours truly}..

I am not a country girl really. But you would be surprised at how many trees I have climb, horses I've rode, eggs I've gathered and stars I have gazed up at on a dark clear night....

There is just something about being in the country and on a farm, listening to the coyotes crickets at night that just  plain feels good and quite home-y. I know I am not the only one that thinks this way, or people around here wouldn't go to the mid west or just up east to the mountains for a vacation if it weren't a little true......

So get your kid's creative juices going and start day dreaming about being "back on the farm" for a fun art contest that starts today!

Here are the rules...

Theme: On the Farm (use your imagination!)
Size: 1/2 sheet poster board
Material: Anything you want- Markers,crayons,paint,watercolor,tissue paper...whatever!
Contest Begins: Today!
Artwork Turn in By: End of business on Monday, February 28, 2011
Artwork judged on: March 2, 2011 (by a qualified local Art teacher)
**MUST be original art by your child/children/grandchildren**
Artwork will be displayed in the store until March 18, 2011
Categories- Must provide gender,age,birth date and name on the back of artwork to enter.
Girl/Boy ages 2-3
Girl/Boy ages 4-5
Girl/Boy ages 6-8

One winner for each category. One entry per person. Winners will receive {and here is the REALLY fun part] a Family Membership to Dothan's very own fabulous Landmark Park!!  If you already have membership to the park, this can be a renewal for the 2012 year or simply make a someone really smile by giving your winnings to a family of your choice! 

Artwork is judged on creativity,imagination and material used!! Let the fun begin!!

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