Monday, February 7, 2011


I'd like to pretend that the Ground Hog is right, but come on....When you have a husband that was in Texas of all places with an ice storm and 12 degree weather and we in Alabama are once again starting a cold wet winter day, it's hard to think warmer days are ahead! I am not complaining so much on the cold weather, because I am kind of a fan {not so much rain though!}, just thinking that if old Ground Hog would have seen his shadow then my vendors might, {just might} have a better excuse for not sending me some spring clothes faster!!! I am expecting a shipment from Elephantito, Baby Nay and Sam and Sydney this week, and I will gladly except any surprises UPS or FedEx brings me!

I am ready for spring! And the buzz is, you are too! I am working on a little something to help us all get a lot more excited about the warmer days! Be back with that later.... for now, I won't keep you waiting on our "Coupon Monday"....

Here you go....

Happy Monday Y'all!

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