Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting my groove on......

I Love Love Love Valentine's Day. It is so easy for a mother of three girls to get into the red and pink mode! This year though, it was a challenge. I have been flying solo for going on week three, but daddy will soon be arriving home and that fills our heart with song!

Saturday, I knew it was about time to get my groove on...

So that garland we made last year, well it went up Saturday morning. And these pom poms from the shop, were hung Saturday night... and these cupcakes to share (Elizabeth was taking them to the neighbors when she came back in the house and stated that we needed to add a smile since it looked like eyes and a face) on Sunday.....

Valentine 002

Valentine 003

Valentine 004

And when we went to CVS for some Tums(Sunday- probably from the cupcakes!) purchased my girls Valentines. Creative?? I think so... I even selected a cash back option from my debit purchase to add to their V-cards.... Desperate?? You gotta do what you gotta do :)

I am very blessed to have my girls wake up super early this morning to present me with Valentines from them and their Daddy.....

I told A little birdie told my Valentine that he could always get me something from here.....and I  that birdie actually sent a few pictures.....

I knew I would get was surprised with....

Valentine 007

I will proudly wear this "Love" one today :)

So get your groove on! Spring is approaching and these have arrived over the last week.....

elephantito 001

elephantito 002

elephantito 003

elephantito 005

elephantito 006

new spring 006

elephantito 007

elephantito 008

elephantito 009

new spring 001

new spring 007

new spring 008

new spring 013

new spring 017

Victoria Kids 001

Victoria Kids 003

Victoria Kids 004

 And many more! See you soon!

and don't forget about the "Coupon Monday" below!

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Hi there! Thanks for the visit to my blog today. :) Your new bracelet is so pretty, and you have some amazingly beautiful (!!) dresses in your shop. :)

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