Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Almond Kick...

I'm on an Almond Kick. Tim and I are trying to eat healthier, and by that, we are cutting out some of my favorites, like by beloved pastas. gasp.........I might need a moment of silence......

  We are trying to cut back on eating less carbs in general and I find that Almonds are providing me with a wonderful satisfying taste and so, I'm using it to kick it up a notch to my everyday staples.

With that in mind, I have tried to come up with side dishes that are pleasing and light. But let's face it, you have to eat a ton of steamed or roasted "greens" to fill up, and it still just doesn't satisfy like the carbs.

Let me introduce to you the cauliflower....

I have served it up a couple ways (that i didn't record or take pics of, sorry), and have become found of the tasty filler it provides. We have used it as a substitute for several of my usual carb sides like, potatoes or rice.

I do love me some bread dipped in a blend of spices and olive oil, but that has left our table as well. It will return I am sure of it; but for now, I am on a mission and I refuse to buy it, because I don't need any distractions!

Baby Portabella Mushrooms are meatier and therefore give you more satisfaction when eating them, and that is why I paired the two.

Here is what I did-

Wash your Cauliflower, mushrooms and green beans.

Add two cups of water to a very large skillet and add two chicken bullion cubes. Turn to high and bring to boil. Whisk the cubes until dissolved.

Add your veggies and boil/steam for 7-10 mins (desired tenderness). Place your lid over the top and drain broth, leaving veggies in pan.

Crank the heat back up and sprinkle with salt, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle about 1/2 cup of Almonds. Sautee' to get a nice brown coating for about 3-5 mins.

Place veggies on a large baking sheet and pre-heat oven to 450 degrees (this is to pop the veggies in right before serving to warm them back up).

I needed the skillet for the next task!

Almond Crusted Tilapia.

Season both of your sides of Tilapia with salt (to taste).

In your large skillet add about 4 tbls of Olive Oil and turn heat to med high.

Chop about a cup of almonds and place on a plate.

crust one side of the fish with almonds by laying over almonds and pressing firmly down.

Place Tilapia crust down in hot oil. Keep temp high as to create a nice toasted crunchy crust. Squeeze juice from one Lemon over all pieces. Cook for 8 mins.

Flip and sear for another 3-4 mins.

When you flip your fish, place the veggies in the pre-heated oven to warm up!


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Wanting What I Have said...

Looks yummy! If you haven't already, you should try mashed cauliflower. DELICIOUS!

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