Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This morning we were 30 mins early in getting ready before heading off to school. This doesn't happen often. As we all sat together in the Living Room while Tim and I enjoyed our morning cup of joe, we set goals for the day. Each one set one, I set four. The fourth being blogging.

This post doesn't mean I completed 1,2 and 3.

In fact.

I only accomplished number one so far. Which is not even this recipe that I am blogging about.

Sometimes, that's how I roll.

Some of you know, we decided to Homeschool Elizabeth the last part of this year.

That is another topic, for another day.

Today, when working on math, I decided we should wrap up our fractions, by putting them to good use in the kitchen.

So we did.

I think Math and Home Economics are very important.

That is also, another topic for another day.

I had some bananas, shall we say, maturing...ack hem; so I ventured to this site for a good ol' Banana Bread recipe; because we all know she is going to produce a good one.

I laughed at her first line on this blog post, because I can relate. Besides being one of the longest words (besides Mississippi) that I felt a sense of accomplishment by spelling it at an early age, I detest bananas. Hate them (yes, I know that is what detest means. Just really trying to get my point across here). I think they are disgusting and I as well, have never eaten a whole one. And because of that, I made my girls eat them since infancy and they like them. That is something that I am proud of, and can hopefully add that to the list of "I'm glad my mom made me do it".

But, even though my fondness of despising the monkey's favorite grows yearly...... I LOVE Banana Bread. Go figure.

I followed the recipe to a "t", except.....

There is only one thing that stood out as being odd in this recipe. The lack of salt and vanilla extract.

I know Ree knows what she's doing, but I love, love some extract. Since using salted butter , I didn't add salt, but when going for the vanilla; opted for it's lovely companion, Almond extract. And of course, if you are like me, I love nuts added to anything. I added the extract (1/2 tsp)after the butter and sugar was creamed for those that want to know.

Therefore, I toasted some almonds (with a little butter and a sprinkle of salt) for taste and beauty. Sprinkled the almonds on top with a sprinkle of sugar as well and waaaaaa laaaa....

Because I used loaf pans instead of bundt, my cook time was exactly an hour, instead of 1hr 10min.

Loaf pans make it easier for sharing :)

Serve it up with a nice cup of joe or cold milk!


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kkd said...

YUM! I love bananas (esp when they get those dark polka dots all over them) and banana nut bread!

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