Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today I have to run.....

did you catch that.

I HAVE to run, like in, physically have to run.

I made a resolution {who didn't??}. I would run, every other day in January. I have already failed. I had a good excuse{who doesn't??}. So two days ago, I got back from my 4 day hiatus and ran. So today, I have to run.

I am hoping the HAVE to, will turn into the WANT to. I know it will, but as I lay in bed last night, my mind was racing. Not just about running. I would think.......... tomorrow-

I have to do this.

I have to do that.

And this.

And that.

My world has been totally rocked.

In a good way, no doubt, but it has been rocked.

Everyday for almost 8 years, my evening menu was planned and prepared for by at least 7am that day. I had school projects on the calendar, school lunches packed, I would be committed to this, be committed to that, and my laundry was always folded and put away. I ran a business and most of the time it all worked like clockwork. All is true but the laundry part; those who know me, know I don't do laundry. As in, laundry does me in. I hate it. My mom did. I do. And I am convinced my children will LOVE it, because I make them do it for me ;) Ha!

rhodes 005

I know it will take time. But I NEED to get my groove on. Lord, PLEASE send me a groove!

Trying to Want to, more than Have to right now.

I know I will get there. It's just different. Very different. Like, my heart races sometimes; different. And to confuse you more, a lot of my HAVE to's are WANT to's ; I just feel like I am not enjoying them to the fullest and I am just making it through. Do I make any sense at all???

All the pics are from us keeping our nephew a few days this past week. It was a total WANT to, and we'll take him anytime Caleb :)


kkd said...

Run! You can do it! :) And anytime you want to get your Omnifit on, come join us on Mondays and Fridays at 9am.

JMW said...

I'm in the same boat - fell off the running wagon before the holidays. I did manage an outdoor run late yesterday afternoon. Hoping to get my groove back. Good luck to you!

Kim K said...

Wow my very thoughts today! I want to go from forcing myself in the gym to just part of my day!

rebecca said...

you may not WANT to run, but I'm sure you want to make time for yourself. think of it that way perhaps? best of luck!

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