Wednesday, January 18, 2012


"B"ible "M"emory "V"erse

This is our BMV for the week.

Maybe I think my kids need it, because they think their mama needs it..........

my heart has been yucky this past week. really yucky.

I keep wanting to blog "Happy" thoughts, but I need some revival!

praying this verse over and over again this week in hopes it will break the complaining in my heart, which in return will stop the arguing. Those two go hand and hand ya know. Funny how God words things isn't it :)

 I am getting there, it just takes awhile sometimes with me. I am stubborn. I want control and God takes it from me sometimes...or was it even mine to begin with....hmmmmm... Thankful God is Faithful and His Mercies are new every morning.

Check out these cards. They have blessed and been used to convict my heart and to Glorify God in the process. (and they're super cute as well!)

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