Thursday, January 19, 2012

because i said yes.....

This post might not be one of what you are thinking.

It's not a love story.

Well, scratch that.....

It kinda is.

But, it's not of the knight in shining armor, with a damsel in distress, love story.

Well, on second thought, scratch that too.....

because it kinda is.

Satan and I had a throw down tonight.

yes, I said Satan.

And before you think I hit the bottle tonight, let me explain..

You see, from the very beginning, because I said yes, someone got really jealous.

So jealous that at times, I feel like he is attacking me because of his jealousy.

No; scratch that, I KNOW he is attacking me because of it.

I have said yes, many of times to things he hates. Which in return only makes him more vicious.

So why didn't I realize that when I said yes back in October, I also signed up for war.

The other day, my daughter spoke truth to me. Truth she didn't even know would minister to me. When talking about local businesses with a friend; they were sad discussing how businesses would close, because they would "run out of money" as they say. When her friend looked sincerely at Elizabeth and said..."yeah, like...your....", Elizabeth piped in and said "Oh no! My mom closed because God told her to".

So bold, so confident, so real.

That spoke wonders to me.

It reminded me...."Oh yeah God. You did tell me too. You did press that on me. I did have peace.You did want me to close. It is, and will be good."

My eight year old, in her sweet child like faith, faith that was much greater then her mama's, declared to her friend and to me, truth. Declared God's provision, mercy, love and goodness.

Tonight I told Satan that he could go back to Hell where he belongs, and asked God to forgive me for not kicking his butt awhile ago and preaching truth to myself daily.

And because I said yes, I have an armor to carry. And it's shiny and heavy and strong, and it does rescue damsels in distress.

God doesn't promise easy; but He does promise victory.

And victory is sweet my friends, victory is sweet.


faithdownunder said...

Amen Sister. I don't cry much but I am crying now after reading this. What a revelation. What a revival. God wants us to have faith like a child. Yes, even us adults. Christians need to ask themselves, do you truly believe God is good? If so, you will not fear or be anxious for anything. You will not find discontentment and your heart will overflow with JOY. If we can't truly say that, then its time to come to the cross. Get our hearts right with the Lord and as you have clearly said Katie, say yes Lord.

kkd said...

love this! For what it is worth, I miss seeing your cute sign up when I go down Westgate; however, God is awesome and already has a plan for all of us!

Kelly said...

Amen!!! The ultimate wisdom!

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