Friday, March 12, 2010


Carpool this morning:
Child #1-When's Easter?
Me- Very soon...
Child #2- I like Halloween!
Child #1- You know Easter is better though?!
Me- Do you know why?
Child #1- Because God rose from the dead
Me- You mean Jesus
Child #2- Jesus is God
Child #1- That's right...God has 3 sons
Me- You mean...3 persons...
Child #1- Yes, 3 Persons
Me- God the Father...
Child# 1- God the Son and God
Child #2- the Holy Spirit!
Me- That's right! God sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins, so that we can live with His Spirit in us and one day go spend eternal life in Heaven with Him.
Child #1- I know!
Child#2- me too!
Child #2- I still like the candy on Halloween better though!
Below are just a few of our Easter apparel selection! We have beautiful items to choose from, and as you choose your special attire, we all need a reminder that it is not the clothing that is important about that day (so don't stress!), but of the CELEBRATION that day brings! May we all walk in the celebration daily as we remember the sacrifice that was made for us on The Cross!
Thank you God!!
Infant Boy Easter1
Girl VK1
Girl VK Easter1
Boy Seer Suit Easter1
Girls Mela Easter1
Boy Easter1
Boy FT Easter1
Linen Easter Boy1

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Tony, Rebecca and Chip Sharp said...

that makes me want to cry that is the best car conversation i've hear of in a lOOOOOng time! I look forward to those conversations one day soon!!! :-)

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