Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring times a comin'......

Spring time is fast approaching! Buds are starting to appear on trees and bushes, and the pollen... oh the pollen! We have already started enjoying this beautiful weather by playing outside and starting the prep work for our garden! We have been wanting to have a garden for awhile now but didn't have a good spot for it in our yard until now! Remember the tree house . Well, when we took the top part of the tree down it created {boo coodles} (not even sure how to spell that phrase!! LOL) of sunshine! Remember Tim and Sally . They can give you lots of ideas and details to grow your garden!! We will be using their help for sure!! Pictures to follow in the next couple of days!!!
Below are just a couple of examples of our boy's separates!! Perfect for the summer time!! Hurry in, because sizes go quickly!!! See you soon!!
boys separates 0021
boys separates 0031

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Leah said...

Love the clothes you carry that I have seen. I have three little boys and live in a small Colorado mountain town so have no shopping nearby. What brand are the cute gingham shorts and tops? Would love if you had a website.

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