Saturday, March 6, 2010

Problem solved.....

When moving to our new location 18mos ago (can you believe it's been that long!), one of our first MAJOR concern was the size, comfort and ease of the parking lot entrance and exit. Well, sorry folks, it is a pain in the you know where! The idea and conversations that went on with us, other tenants and landlords on this matter was to result in a ENTRANCE ONLY from Westgate and EXIT ONLY from the rear of the building (where there is a LOT more parking by the way), which exits on to Beecher St. behind Ameris Bank so it is easy access onto Choctaw for which ever direction you would like to go. Parking, Entrance and Exits had already been an issue in our other locations so this was something important to us for our customers. The signs have not happened yet. Did I just mention we have been here 18mos. Enough said on that matter.
Our wheels had already started turning before our space had been finished to change our solid back door to glass and take our sign from the old shop and create a back entrance for ones parking in the back parking lot. We were waiting to hang our sign for an awning that is supposed to be hanging over the back door. Well, enough said on that matter also....
So this am, Tim and his handy helper decided to go ahead and hang the sign so customers would know where to enter from the back. I am about to plant some color in a planter to greet you all from back!! Besides "Back Door Guests are Always Best" right?!?!?!
lizzy holding ladder1
I was inside trying to sneak a picture through the door (she had to wear her safety glasses!) ....
lizzy w/ drill1
I guess this child has been photographed so much she can sense a camera on her!
lizzy ladder1
taaaa daaaa!!
Enjoy this beautiful weekend y'all!!

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