Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What a beautiful day it was......

This is my one of my brothers, Josh, and his wife Abby......
(taken 2 years ago April at their wedding)
Josh is number Four in line of us Five siblings. Josh will make you laugh until you cry, he has a genuine servant and loving heart, and I don't know if he could ever possibly have an enemy.
A lot has change since our younger years of him threatening to cut my hair in my sleep (hair was a very sensitive subject then, because I could hardly grow it and it was horribly wild), chasing me around the kitchen island with a knife (yes, I said knife!), you know, the usual sibling rivalry! We were all homeschooled so we saw each other A LOT!
Josh is a VERY family oriented kind of guy, so when we received a precious pink baby invitation to shower Abby with fabulous gifts for baby Camille, we couldn't wait to attend!! Of course Josh wouldn't have it any other way unless as many of us that could get together to hang out as possible the better. So we loaded up and headed down to Mobile on late Saturday afternoon for a super fast trip (less then 24hours) to celebrate this.......
Meet Camille...
Isn't she a doll!!! We can't wait to meet you Camille!!!!
This is my mom with Abby and me. Proud grandmother of count them 14, yes I said FOURTEEN!!! With Camille adding #15!
girls swing1
Here are just a few of her grands as they enjoyed most of the baby shower in this spot!!
It was a beautiful day......and I don't mean just the weather!!

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