Friday, March 19, 2010

hip hip....HURRAY!!!

It's Spring Break around this neck of the woods and we are LOVING it!!! The older my girls get, the more they enjoy their break!! Traditionally, I work the first part of the week and take off the, sticking with tradition I did just that! On Wednesday Jillian decided she had enough of the home front for the week and wanted to change up her atmosphere and join me at the shop for the day! She will be Eleven this year (yes, I know! I have an ELEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!), wow, time flies, and she can't wait to "real" work (meaning more then just cleaning up)at the shop. So I gave her some "real" work that day! She changed the Mannequins, rang customers up on the computer, did a smidge of cleaning and yes, some modeling too!
Jillian Elepantito1
We typically go up to a 6X in the store but occasionally you will find an 8/10. Some companies don't do a 6X and there for if the size run does something like this.... 4,5,6,8... then I will order the larger size, and some companies run large so therefore my order girls that are in an 8/10 can still wear them! Here are just a couple she had fun trying on!
Jillian Kit1
Meanwhile at the home front, the hubby took off work for the week to get some MAJOR "Honey Do's" Done..... remember good ol' ORANGE ......
TA DA......
Truck Window fixed1
Going to enjoy another day off today!!! Be back soon with some more of our adventures!!!
Don't forget to stop by for your Easter needs!!! PRECIOUS boy Easter apparel arrived yesterday!!! See you soon!


Follow your bliss......... said...

Please make a website for your shop! I just found your blog through reading "fly through your window".

I want to purchase some of the hair clips and see all the toddler dresses you carry.

JMW said...

Found your blog via Darby's Fly Through Our Window. Your shop is wonderful - wish we had something like this where I live. I adore that navy and white dress your daughter is wearing. Would you mind sharing the brand? I would love something like that for my 5 year old daughter.

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