Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Days.....

Did you ever have a pen pal? Perhaps you have one now! My children have pen pals and every day we get home to check the mail they search for a letter from them! Oh how I remember those days! I had pen pals, and couldn't wait to get mail! The longer the letter the better!

Sadly, when you grow up, your mailbox fills with bills, advertisements, census reminders(as of recent), and let's not forget the card with the key glued on the front for that BRAND NEW CAR!

Just as my children get giddy inside as they discover that pink envelope peeking out the top of our mailbox is for them to rip open, I get those same feelings when this shows up at my front door......

Fedex Truck
Days they don't show up are really sad! Today is a happy day, with lots of happy things!
Here's a sneak peak into one of my shipments I received today! Enjoy!
Luigi 001

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erin said...

I live in California, do you have a website to buy things online?

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